No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2533

“He’s probably just a fool who’s never experienced the world. Aren’t cretins who don’t know their place always the ones praising themselves?”

Words of ridicule were flung around so much that Rudy’s face reddened. It felt like he was a sitting duck as everyone slapped him. It was then he started to regret raising his voice so much and claiming such a big promise.

After being mocked to that degree, he no longer dared say anything. After all, he was not at Golden Pills, and everyone around them was talented. A random person there was probably better than he was.

Just as everyone jeered and cackled at Rudy, Jackie suddenly pulled out his identification badge, activated his true energy, and threw his badge forward.

Following the sound of a gentle breeze, the

an identification badge appeared on the task board in front of Jackie. The task board had been empty before with nothing on it, but a new task had appeared.

Jackie had thrown out his identification badge while everyone had been focused on Rudy. By the time everyone looked over, the identification badge had already merged with the task board, meaning that the task had been claimed by Jackie.

“Hold it right there!” shouted the whiterobed man angrily. Alas, it was too late, and he had no room to regret it.

After all, Jackie’s badge had already completely merged with the task board.

He should not have placed his attention elsewhere. Otherwise, he would have stood the chance of claiming the task. After everyone saw what task Jackie had claimed, they became livid.

“What? This guy took advantage of the situation! Such a high-paying task is always hard to come by, yet this man took it right under our noses when we weren’t paying attention!”

“A Green Sun Pill with a payout of a thousand and three hundred spirit crystals? Refining a Green Sun Pill only needs a thousand pill runes!

“Even the materials are only worth three hundred spirit crystals! This is the best task I’ve seen the whole week. They’re asking for three pills, too!”

The person had a pained look on his face as he said all that.

“Three thousand and nine hundred spirit crystals! This brat managed to take it! He really took advantage of us!”

The task Jackie had claimed truly was the most valuable one there. Not much effort was needed to earn three thousand and nine hundred spirit crystals. To a normal alchemist, it was a fortune.


As long as Jackie could complete the task, it would be the biggest Jackie had earned in that period of time!

Jackie let out a small smile as he looked at Rudy.

He really should thank him.

If Rudy had not been bragging and attracting everyone’s attention, he would not have been able to get that task so easily. After all, everyone else had sharp eyes as well.

Feeling Jackie’s gaze, Rudy’s lips twitched, feeling rather bitter about himself.


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