No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2532

Sure enough, the people around Jackie and Rudy had heard Rudy’s bold words, to which they shot him stares of disdain. Someone had the guts to say something so foolish before they even had the skills to back it up!

All it did was make everyone belittle Rudy.

Jackie sighed in exasperation; Rudy rendered him speechless every time. He did not want to stand next to Rudy at that moment with how Rudy embarrassed him terribly.

Jackie felt rather glum after feeling the gazes of everyone around him. He felt like no one around him understood how talented he actually was.

Rudy, however, coldly snorted and said, “What are you looking at me for? I said all that because I have the confidence to. Just you wait. In less than a few months, I’ll be

able to refine a Purple Pill!”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly.

Everyone around them was a capable alchemist. To Jackie, Rudy might have a bit of talent, but compared to so many talented alchemists, he did not amount to much.

Jackie could not help but frown as he reached out to grab Rudy’s shoulder and whispered, “Be careful of embarrassing yourself in a few months. Purple Pills aren’t something you can refine just because you say you want to. You need to condense two thousand pill runes.

“Even I can’t do that right now, let alone you. If you have the skills to do this, you wouldn’t even need to brag. Others will naturally flatter you.”

Jackie could still not condense two thousand pill runes at that moment. Before, he had been confident in himself, but after going to the Hall of Wishes, he tested out his

skills. He knew his place and had shed a bit of his pride in turn.

He needed to calm down and allow his memories to get in tune with his body. He had everything in his head but was unable to properly execute things with his body. He knew what he needed to do but did not have the muscle memory to do so. He was forced to constantly practice to merge his mind and body.

The existence of the soul-gathering crystals was absolutely a massive cheat for Jackie. There were many things that others needed tremendous amounts of time to research, learn, and practice. However, Jackie only needed to make sure his body could catch up with his memories.

Even so, Jackie did not have the confidence to become a seventh-grade alchemist so quickly. What, then, of Rudy, who stood behind him with not that much talent?

Rudy pursed his lips reluctantly but did not say anything else.

Meanwhile, the green-robed man felt amused at Rudy’s words. He looked at Rudy as if he was looking at a fool.

His gaze must have been provocatively sharp, so much so that Rudy cracked. “Why are you looking at me like that? Are other people not allowed to be skilled just because you are?”

Rudy’s words felt incredibly haughty, and Jackie could tell that the green-robed man merely felt like Rudy was making a ruckus. The green-robed man let out a cold snort and turned around, no longer looking at Rudy.

That seemed to tell everyone that just looking at Rudy was more than what he deserved. The man’s tone was cold as he sneered, “I’ve seen clowns, but no one so into his role as you, is rare. You’re not that skilled, yet you’re still trying so hard to stand out. Hilarious.”

The moment the green-robed man said that, everyone burst into laughter and pointed at Rudy as they jeered. Some of them even deliberately talked louder so Rudy could hear them.

“Look at this new guy! I wonder where he jumped out from? Looking at him, he’s probably been a sixth-grade alchemist for less than a few days. Being able to condense a thousand pill runes is an impressive feat, yet he’s saying he’ll be able to condense two thousand in a few months? He doesn’t know his place at all!”


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