No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2531

Rudy reached up and grabbed his hair. “I’m still too naive. If you hadn’t reminded me, I would’ve claimed this task. I’d only be a fool if I ended up claiming it and losing my money on this task.”

Rudy was different from Grayson. He might have an excellent standing within Golden Pills, but Golden Pills was not fully dedicated to raising him. Most of the spirit crystals he had accumulated had all been earned by himself.

Rudy would be hit with a devastating loss if he ended up losing them.

With that in mind, he shook his head. “This task isn’t good for me. I should look for something simpler.”

After Rudy said that, the green-robed man’s surprised voice was heard again, “There’s still Purple Pills! I was looking for them. I can’t believe I found them.”

After saying that, the green-robed man calmly took out his identification badge and tossed it forward, which flew right to the task badge. In a flash, the identification badge landed on the bottom right corner of the task board. The two of them merged and emitted a faint golden glow.

The green-robed man’s action attracted the attention of a few people around them. Everyone looked at the pleased-looking green-robed man.

The white-robed man furrowed his eyebrows unhappily as he reached out to grab the other man’s hand.

“Are you still asleep? How could you even claim that task? Don’t you know how hard a Purple Pill is to refine?”

To emphasize his point, the white-robed man pointed forward. “Two thousand pill runes! You have to refine two thousand pill runes!

“You also have to guarantee that those two

thousand pill runes have a fifty percent refinement with your pill! Anyone who can do that is only a step away from becoming a seventh-grade alchemist.”

The green-robed man took a deep breath. He nodded slightly before he said, “Of course I know how hard it is. If it wasn’t difficult, I wouldn’t even dare claim it.

“Difficulty is what drives me forward. After all, the materials to refine a Purple Pill are quite cheap-more or less one or two hundred spirit crystals. As long as I can refine a Purple Pill, I can get a thousand and two hundred spirit crystals! Just look at how many times there is a profit!”

After that, the green-robed man seemed even more emotional. The white-robed man, on the other hand, frowned, not knowing what to say.

Jackie and Rudy, both standing behind them, understood why the green-robed man wanted to excite himself. Rudy whispered into Jackie’s ear, “Two thousand Pill runes? Refining the Purple Pill is more than two times harder than refining a Thousand Flower Pill. Is he that confident? He dares to refine a Purple Pill!”

Jackie knew that Rudy’s words seemed so snide because he was just unwilling to admit that someone was stronger than him. Jackie turned to look at Rudy.

“He must have already condensed two thousand pill runes before. It looks like this guy is quite talented. It shouldn’t be too long before he manages to become a seventh-grade alchemist.”

Jackie’s evaluation was quite accurate. Even though the green-robed man looked like he was trying to show off, Jackie could tell that there was a sense of confidence behind it.

The green-robed man was not someone who loved to brag for no reason.

“Just you wait! It won’t take too long before

I’ll be able to refine that pill, too, and when that day comes, I’ll have everyone see just how capable I am!” proclaimed Rudy loudly, so much so that everyone heard his deliberate vow.


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