No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2530

Jackie let out an exasperated laugh as he turned to look at Rudy. “You seem quite confident in yourself.”

To Rudy, Jackie’s words were like a slap to his face, and the old Rudy would have snapped back at Jackie. However, he no longer had that courage when facing Jackie.

No matter if it was alchemy or combat, Jackie was much better than him.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he reluctantly reasoned, “I do have the confidence. I’m quite sure I can condense nine hundred pill runes. After refining it, three hundred spirit crystals isn’t too bad for me.”

Jackie let out a slight laugh as he said calmly, “How many alchemists like you, do you think they are in the whole outer valley?”

Rudy looked at Jackie warily. When he noticed how serious Jackie was, he thought about it for a moment before answering, “There should be about ten or twenty of them.”

Jackie nodded; Rudy’s estimate was about the same as his.

Jackie then said to Rudy, “If there are ten or twenty of them, why is the task still put up there? Aren’t you curious?”

Jackie’s question made Rudy assess the situation in a different light, and he then thought it was rather peculiar as well. The task hall was bustling with activity, and alchemists in the valley would walk around the place at any given time.

After all, they needed to accumulate wealth and accumulate experience in alchemy. It meant that the task hall was necessary.

The task had been there for five days already, and those who were at around the same level of talent and skill as them should have taken up the task already if they thought it was suitable.

Oddly, no one took up the task for the whole five days.

There had to be a reason, but Rudy was too stumped, unable to find a plausible reason for it. After thinking about it for a long time, he felt like his brain had turned to mush.

He decided to just look up at Jackie sincerely. “My mind is a mess right now, Jackie. I don’t understand. Stop beating around the bush and just tell me what it is.”

Jackie let out a sigh. “The reason is simple: those who are stronger than you won’t care about three hundred spirit crystals. Those who are at around the same level as you won’t easily accept the task.

“Don’t forget, the materials needed for the Thousand Flower Antidote cost five hundred spirit crystals. Five hundred spirit crystals can only get you one portion, which means you can’t fail.

“The moment you fail and have to buy another batch of materials, you’d be making a loss. Those around your level can’t guarantee success, which is why they won’t easily accept this task. That’s why the task has been here for so long.”

Jackie’s explanation was so detailed that even a wild boar by the side of the road would be able to understand him.

Rudy slapped his forehead at that.

“That explains why the task has been here for so long. I thought that I’d finally snagged an easy profit, but I stood corrected in the end… I’m actually not that confident that I’ll be able to successfully refine it in one go.”

Jackie nodded. He felt like Rudy was only barely a sixth-grade alchemist. After all, all he could do was refine an Energy Breaking Pill and condense 800 pill runes.

He might be able to try and potentially succeed with 900 pill runes, but there was no guarantee that the pill would have a 50 percent refinement after he condensed the runes.

A pill without a 50-percent refinement was a failure.

With that in mind, Rudy let out a bitter laugh.


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