No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2529

The white-robed man hurriedly placed his finger to his lips as he heard that, motioning for the other man to keep quiet.

“Could you please keep your volume down? Don’t you know those guys are very good at listening in?

“If your words reach them, you won’t be able to get away easily. Why are you trying to offend them for no reason?”

The green-robed man let out a cold snort as he reluctantly reasoned, “We’re all sixth grade alchemists, anyway, and no one is better than anyone else. He’s just a bit more talented. What’s the point of talent? Are we supposed to just let them do what they want?”

The white-robed man shook his head helplessly. “He really is talented. I heard that he managed to get a high rank during the last test. He managed to get three sets of materials to refine golden pills!

“I also heard that he got a thousand and five hundred spirit crystals. Even though those spirit crystals aren’t much to us, it’s still something he managed to get with his talent and skill. He’s already much better than us in that regard.”

The green-robed man grunted coldly but was unable to retort. The white-robed man, on the other hand, did not seem willing to dwell on the topic. He walked around before pointing at a task board.

“This task has been here for at least five days. No one has claimed it so far, which means no one thinks much of it. Why haven’t they taken it down? Even if they don’t want to, they should put it in a corner. What’s the point of them leaving it in the middle?”

Jackie looked at where the white-robed man was pointing and spotted a special task displayed on the centermost task boards of

the hall.

The task seemed very simple: one just had to refine a sixth-grade pill. The pill was called the Thousand Flower Antidote, and after refining it, one could get eight hundred spirit crystals.

Rudy had also been paying attention to the white-robed man earlier. He glanced at where the man was pointing and saw the task.

“It’s only eight hundred spirit crystals,” whispered Rudy with a frown. “I recall that the materials needed to refine a Thousand Flower Antidote will cost at least five hundred spirit crystals.

“All that hard work to refine the pill will only reward you with three hundred spirit crystals. That’s way too cheap! No wonder no one wanted the task.”

Refining a sixth-grade pill needed both time and effort, and to add to the mix, a certain amount of risk would be involved as


To prevent wastage, as well as to stop Phoenix Valley from spending more than they needed to, the alchemists in the valley all needed to prepare their own materials after claiming a task.

If Jackie took the task to refine the Thousand Flower Antidote, he would need to use his own spirit crystals to buy the materials needed to refine the pill. After refinement, he would then use the pill to exchange for spirit crystals.

Most alchemists were not too good in combat but were very good at planning. Expensing so much effort to earn 300 spirit crystals was not something anyone wanted to do. That was why the task had stayed there for five days without being claimed.

Rudy took a deep sigh as he said with a conflicted expression, “Do you think I should claim this task? After all, I had just

become a sixth-grade alchemist. Refining the Thousand Flower Antidote only needs nine hundred pill runes. I can do it right now, though I’d probably struggle a little. Even though I can only earn three hundred spirit crystals, it’s still some income for me.”


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