No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2528

He and the green-robed man were looking up tasks just like Jackie was. Only, they were conversing as they did.

The green-robed man let out a slight grunt before he said, “How could that thing be settled quickly? I heard it shocked the whole inner valley, and they’re already preparing for war. Otherwise, why would so many tasks suddenly pop up?

“Before this, half of the task boards would be empty, but now the whole thing is full. This means that this matter won’t be resolved so easily. The alliance has already made preparations for a long-term war!”

After the green-robed man said that, the white-robed man nodded in agreement. “I just don’t know if we’ll be sucked into things or not.”

The green-robed man let out a deep sigh.

After thinking about it a long time, he answered, “I don’t know, either. With the way things seem now, it looks like it shouldn’t involve lesser-significant figures like us too much, but I don’t know if that’ll remain the same in the future. All we can do is pray.”

Jackie more and more like something was wrong as he listened in. He could not help but turn to look at Rudy next to him, who also looked at the other two with a confused expression.

What the two of them were talking about should have something to do with the recent incident. Something had indeed happened to the alliance, and it was no small matter. It could even end up involving insignificant people like them.

Thinking about it, Rudy took a deep breath.

He walked nearer to Jackie as he whispered, “Could it have something to do with the ambush on us? What happened, exactly? Why don’t we know anything despite how major the incident seems? Do you think we should try and find things out?”

Jackie shook his head decisively. “Don’t overreact for now. If you run around asking about it now, you might not get any answers. You should let things fizzle out for the time being.

“Since people are talking about this thing everywhere, then it’s not some secret that can’t be revealed. We should be able to find out about it in not too long.”

Rudy listened to Jackie’s words and frowned. “Why are you so much calmer when you’re facing such an urgent matter?”

Jackie turned to him. “There are some things you can’t find out if you’re anxious. This doesn’t seem so simple, so we shouldn’t treat it so casually.”

After saying that, Jackie turned his gaze to the task boards again, and Rudy only had a vague sense of what Jackie meant in the end.

The more Jackie acted like that, the more Rudy panicked. It was as if the whole world. knew about what was happening except him.

“Jackie, if you know about it, can’t you tell me? I don’t know anything at all! What did what happened to us before have to do with this? More importantly, I don’t know what’s happening at all!” Rudy started to sweat.

Jackie turned to look at Rudy. “I only have a guess, but there’s no proof for now. My guess seems quite accurate, so let’s wait to talk about it.”

Jackie lowered his volume for a while.

The discussions on the other end got louder as the green-robed man said, “I refuse to believe that all the good tasks have been claimed by those guys! It’s not like we’re worse than them, so why do they get all the good stuff?!”


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