No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2527

Jackie glanced at Rudy. “Why are you talking so much? Have you only found out now that I can make my decisions? You don’t have to keep rephrasing these things so often.”

Rudy coughed slightly as he scratched his nose, saying awkwardly, “To be honest, I just wanted to know why someone as talented in combat as you would choose to be an alchemist. Even though alchemists are regarded very highly, strength is still the most important thing.

“If you decide to put all your focus on martial arts, you’ll no doubt have many great accomplishments. All that, and you decided to put so much time on alchemy. Aren’t you afraid you’ll regret it in the future?”

Jackie cleared his throat in his bewilderment.

He knew that Rudy would not have had anything good to say in the first place.

He turned around on the steps and looked

down at Rudy.

“When did I tell you that I gave up on martial arts to pursue alchemy?”

Rudy shook his head somewhat stiffly.

Jackie coldly snorted and said, “I’ve never said it before, so don’t jump to conclusions. Just focus on your issues and don’t waste your thoughts on this.”

Jackie then turned to face forward once more, not giving Rudy another chance to speak.

The task hall was so vast that the ends could not be seen.

Compared to the vast space, there were not many people around.

There were no doubt more people there compared to everywhere else in Phoenix Valley.

The task hall’s walls were filled with various boards-all of them half a meter wide, and a meter long-with jobs listed on them.

Tasks were shown on these boards, and to each were its details.

To claim those tasks, alchemists only needed to place their badges on the bottom right area, and a contract would then be formed with the task board’s runes.

After the two reacted, the task would belong to the owner of the badge.

Every task in the hall, from easier tasks to the most difficult ones, was meant for alchemists.

There were tasks like identifying spiritual medicines and assisting in looking for spirit grasses. Of course, there were also tasks for refining pills.

Most of the tasks on the boards were meant for sixth-grade pills. Seventh-grade pills were needed as well, but they were fewer in number than sixth-grade pills.

The tasks meant for eighth-grade pills were hung up on the higher parts.

The ones able to claim the eighth-grade

pills were rare, even in Phoenix Valley.

Just as Jackie studied the task boards looking for the suitable tasks, he suddenly heard. some discussion from behind him which piqued his interest.

“Sure enough, there are way more tasks than before; this matter is no small affair. Only, we don’t know how long this will last. After the matter has passed, we won’t be able to benefit so much from it anymore.”

Rudy was standing beside Jackie, and he too could not help but turn around to look. The white-robed people talking about the tasks had sixth-grade alchemist badges on them, just like Jackie.


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