No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2526

“I thought you’d gone back. Why are you waiting for me?” asked Jackie, genuinely puzzled.

After all, he and Rudy did not have the best of comradeship, and every conflict they had before never truly left their minds.

All that, and Rudy acted like nothing had happened between them and waited for Jackie outside.

Rudy let out a slight cough as he said with an obstinate tone, “We just moved in here, you know. We’ll be bullied if we walk on our own, don’t you think?”

Jackie let out a light grunt. He could not help but feel the urge to roll his eyes, but he stopped himself in the end.

He already grasped Rudy’s temperament a while ago, so it was nothing too surprising.

He would just be wasting his time if he continued to be calculative with him.

Jackie thus nodded and decided to just play along. He could do whatever he wanted to.

“I’m going to the task hall, are you coming?”

Rudy’s eyes widened in exasperation when he heard that. “Jackie, you’ve just arrived in Phoenix Valley for a few hours. Why are you in such a hurry to go everywhere?

“You’ve only been in that room for six hours! How much could you have learned? Now, you’re going to the task hall. Don’t forget: Lou had mentioned that all tasks that have been claimed need to be finished.”

Jackie nodded. He had not rested ever since he entered Phoenix Valley, and to Rudy and everyone else, it would look like he was in a hurry. However, Jackie knew all too well that he would be wasting his life if he did not value his time.

With not a second to lose, he turned and

looked at Rudy seriously. “I’ll say it again: I’m going to the task hall. Do you want to follow me? You can come along if you want to, but otherwise, head back on your own.”

He could not be bothered wasting time exchanging words with Rudy nor did he want to reveal his plans to Rudy. With that, he turned around and left the Hall of Wishes.

Rudy frowned as he watched Jackie walk away. He did not understand why Jackie seemed to be in such a hurry. He had only rested for barely a moment before he resumed whatever he was thinking of!

After hesitating for a while, Rudy decided to follow Jackie in the end; he refused to be left alone in a place he barely knew.

The two of them walked forward, and Jackie even asked around for directions to the task hall. After a few twists and turns, they finally arrived at the task hall.

The task hall was the most majestic building in the whole outer valley of Phoenix Valley, and it took up even more space than the Hall of Wishes.

There were 99 flights of steps, and just a glance would show how magnificent that palace built on the side of the hill was.

Jackie took a deep breath. Just from the design alone, the task hall looked like the most important place in Phoenix Valley, with all the people moving out and about in the task hall.

Compared to the places Jackie had been before, there were much fewer people there. After all, there were only about 200 alchemists in the outer valley, and all of them were split up into various places in the outer valley.

Even if the task hall had the most people in Phoenix Valley, it was still not that crowded.

Jackie did not pause for much longer before

The task hall was the most majestic building in the whole outer valley of Phoenix Valley, and it took up even more space than the Hall of Wishes.

Jackie did not pause for much longer before

he started to walk right into the task hall.

Rudy followed closely behind Jackie, somewhat speechless as he looked at Jackie’s back.

There were some things he had not wanted to say, but looking at how Jackie walked so confidently and calmly, he could not help but say, “You look very dead-set, Jackie.”

Rudy’s meaningless remark baffled Jackie.

He had never been someone who enjoyed talking a lot, but Rudy seemed like a curious child whose questions-ones he did not even wish to entertain-never ceased.


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