No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2525

Jackie nodded before and walked into the hall. Rudy, with furrowed brows, followed Jackie.

“I don’t know why you’re in such a rush. Condensing pill runes is something that requires a long time to improve on, and there’s no reason to be in such a hurry.”

The Hall of Wishes was a place built to allow the alchemists to condense pill runes. Filled with pill aura, the hall was split into many small, isolated rooms. After entering a room, an alchemist could use the dense pill aura to form pill runes.

It served a similar function to the pill aura room that Jackie had used before. Anyone could enter the place without any need for permission or spirit crystals. It was a place that was free for all alchemists to use.

Jackie was not in a rush to start completing tasks and earning spirit crystals. He was

more anxious to know what his limits were.

Even though he absorbed the memories of that senior, he still did not know how much his body had caught up with the memories. He wanted to know how many pill runes he could condense.

Jackie saw innumerable rooms the moment he walked into the Hall of Wishes. There were at least 300 small rooms there that could fit every alchemist in the outer valley.

No one would ever need to wait to be able to use a room here.

After having Lou head back, he and Rudy picked out a room each. When Jackie shut the door, the pill aura in the room got even denser.

Jackie took a deep breath and cleared his thoughts as his hands started to form seal after seal. The tiny runes looked like fairies in the night, dancing around Jackie’s hands.

One by one, the pill runes formed and danced in front of Jackie as the gold-colored runes illuminated the area before him. Seconds passed, and Jackie’s attention was completely on forming the pill runes.

Jackie had lost all sense of time. He was slowly chanting in his head, “One thousand four hundred and ninety-seven, one thousand four hundred and ninety eight…”

The moment he condensed 1500 pill runes, Jackie felt a sharp pain that assaulted his soul. In turn, his right hand slipped as he made a mistake.

A crack was heard next to him. Jackie looked up to see all the runes in front of him collapse due to his mistake as they then turned into dots of golden light. After that, they turned back into pure pill aura and merged into the surroundings.

“I failed!” remarked Jackie despondently.

Jackie had thought he would be able to get himself to condense 3000 pill runes; he never expected that he would lose control after condensing just the first 1500 ones. His memories clashed with his body, and the pill runes he had formed collapsed.

“Three thousand pill runes are the most basic standard of seventh-grade pills…so I’m actually very far from that standard…” Jackie said helplessly.

In the end, he had overestimated himself.

He had thought that he would at least be able to refine a seventh-grade pill.

Alas, it looked like he still needed to train longer before he could have his body move in line to his memories enough for 3000 pill runes.

He had at least accomplished his goal of being there.

After Jackie understood his own strength, he no longer wished to linger in the room. He

pushed open the door and saw Rudy standing outside.

When Rudy saw Jackie head out, he immediately walked up to him. “I thought that you’d be in there for a few more hours at least. I was planning on leaving if you didn’t leave in two hours!”

Jackie pursed his lips in exasperation. He had not expected Rudy to be waiting for him outside.


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