No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2524

Rudy frowned, saying unhappily, “How could you not even know this?”

Jackie looked at Rudy wordlessly.

Lou fell into an awkward situation, not knowing what to say. Rudy did not mind how nasty he sounded at all.

He frowned and continued, “Are all of the ‘Way of the Pill’ manuals in Phoenix Valley open to everyone? Can you study any of them whenever you want to?”

Lou nodded.

Rudy straightened himself. “Phoenix Valley is too dangerous. A Way of the Pill is the basis to establish a clan. It’s not something clans would normally allow anyone to see.

“I can’t believe they let just anyone who wants to look at them. It looks like I’m not here for nothing. At the very least, I’ll be able to learn an even better Way of the Pill.”

Jackie had not wanted to pour cold water on Rudy’s thoughts, but he could not help but say, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Even though there are no restrictions, everyone can learn a Way of the Pill. Don’t forget that it’s not something so easy to learn.

“The difficulty is there. No matter how good of a manual you end up reading, will it matter if your talent is not up to par?”

Jackie felt like Rudy was too optimistic. He knew why Phoenix Valley would be so generous. Everyone who was in Phoenix Valley was a disciple of the valley and would eventually contribute to the valley.

It was especially true for alchemists. Phoenix Valley allowed everyone to access everything because everything at Phoenix Valley was not something an ordinary person would be able to understand.

The more talented a person was, the more

room they had to improve. Phoenix Valley would stand to gain even greater benefits.

Even if Rudy learned the best Way of the Pill, his talent would not amount to much.

Jackie sipped some tea. “I’m going to the Hall of Wishes. Take me there.”

Lou bowed and obeyed. However, Rudy could not remain calm.

Baffled, he widened his eyes as he blurted, “Why are you so anxious? Can’t you just go after we’ve rested?”

Jackie’s only thought was to earn more spirit crystals at that moment, so he naturally did not want to waste any time.

After figuring out Phoenix Valley’s rules, he would want to do everything he could to improve himself and make even more spirit crystals.

He did not bother with Rudy. After placing the teacup on the table, he then stood up and shot a look at Lou. Lou obediently turned around and left.

Rudy had lost his calm completely, feeling like Jackie was in far too much of a rush. He had just asked about the rules when he decided to rush to the Hall of Wishes, and Rudy was divided on whether he should tag along.

He had planned on resting for a day or two to familiarize himself with his surroundings. It would not be too late to start then. However, when he saw that Jackie was going further and further and further away, he got impatient.

He ran after Jackie and shouted, “Wait for me! I want to go too!”

The Hall of Wishes was at the easternmost end of Phoenix Valley. Jackie could not help but lament that Phoenix Valley truly was different from everywhere else when they arrived at the Hall of Wishes.

Even though the outside did not look that

majestic, it was still an incredibly big place. Compared to the other halls that Jackie had been to before, Hall of Wishes was massive.

There were 12 floors, and alchemists. flocked to every floor.

“Do I need to queue up after I enter?” Jackie turned to ask Lou.

Lou nodded. “Hall of Wishes is incredibly vast, and there are two hundred alchemists in the outer valley. Even if all two hundred were here, it’ll fit everyone comfortably.”


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