No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2523

“You know everything I know, and there’s nothing much to figure out with so little information. Even if the sky falls, you have a roof above you to hold it back. There’s no need to be so worried.”

Contrary to his own words, however, Jackie was in more internal conflict than Rudy was. There were some things that he needed some peace and quiet to think about before understanding the inner mechanisms.

Jackie waved at Lou. “Come. Tell us the most basic rules of Phoenix Valley, as well as things we should never do.”

After being called by Jackie, Lou immediately walked over from the corner. He respectfully arrived next to Jackie, and Jackie called him into the sect. As he drank some tea, he listened to Lou talk about the rules in Phoenix Valley.

Lou was incredibly quick with his words, and in just a short moment, he had finished telling Jackie everything. Jackie memorized the various rules within Phoenix Valley and could not help but lament after that.

Phoenix Valley truly was the center of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.

Just the outer valley alone had 200 alchemists. Any alchemist that could enter Phoenix Valley was at least a sixth-grade alchemist.

After listening to Lou’s explanation, Jackie frowned and said, “So Phoenix Valley is basically an incredibly large clan?”

Lou nodded, saying respectfully, “That is one way to look at it, but Phoenix Valley is different from a regular clan.

“Phoenix Valley raises two factions, one for alchemists and the other for warriors. The alchemists and the warriors are separated from each other, and they, for the majority of the time, will not cross paths.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Phoenix Valley was incredibly ambitious. Not only did they have their own alchemists, but they had warriors as well. They had the protection of warriors and the resources of alchemists.

Jackie just did not know how many warriors were in Phoenix Valley.

Jackie looked up and asked, “What grade would you think Phoenix Valley would be if it was a clan?”

This was the most important question. Phoenix Valley would no doubt be higher than a clan like Rosefinch Pavilion, but it was still a question if it would be a sixth, seventh, or even an eighth-grade clan.

Lou thought about it for a moment before he shook his head. “We’re not the same as other places. I only know about the outer valley, and I don’t know anything about the inner valley.

“The outer valley is separated from the

inner valley. You’ll only be able to enter the inner valley if you have a certain level of talent and skill.”

Before coming to Phoenix Valley, Xander had mentioned the inner and outer valleys before. Jackie had merely listened and not paid it much attention before, but with Lou’s words, Jackie understood that there was a big difference between the two.

Jackie continued asking, “Why can’t you enter the inner valley? Is it because those in the inner valley are all core members of the alliance that receive special benefits?”

Lou nodded, answering sternly, “Precisely. Only those in the inner valley can be considered core members. As for how you can enter the inner valley, I don’t know.

“You must possess a certain amount of talent before you’re notified. As for what the level of talent needed is, I haven’t a clue.”


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