No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2522

“Phoenix Valley is right ahead. With your status, you’ll be temporarily restricted to being in the outer valley. Wait for a moment once we get there. I’ll go get your identity badges and set up your living spaces before bringing you in.”

All three men nodded obediently at Xander’s words. After the small vessel arrived at its destination, it started to descend from the air. Phoenix Valley might be called a valley, but it was, in fact, not located within the mountains.

It was in a wide flat plain, surrounded by countless maple trees. Red was the primary color in Phoenix Valley.

They arrived at the main entrance, and Xander casually showed his identity badge to the guards before bringing the three of them into Phoenix Valley.

It was not too luxurious inside, but it looked

more impressive than a palace. Xander brought the three of them behind a grand hall. After they arranged everything, he helped the three of them to get their identity badges.

Next, he brought them to the back of Phoenix Valley. They went to two of the cleaner courtyards while Xander arranged for two runners to come over. Jackie shared a courtyard with Rudy.

Grayson was arranged to be at another courtyard, sharing it with another sixth grade alchemist. Since each courtyard had two rooms, Rudy stayed in the eastern room while Jackie stayed in the one to the west.

After Xander arranged everything, he left after a few words, leaving behind the two runners. The conditions of the lodgings were better than where he had stayed before.

Being able to have a room to himself saved

a lot of trouble, and Rudy was relatively quiet the entire time as well. The runner disciple assigned to them was called Lou Grouse.

He had been a runner disciple at Phoenix Valley for two years. He was in the same realm as Rudy in terms of fighting ability, but he was not as lucky as Rudy to be talented in alchemy.

Before he left, Xander had told them that they could ask the runner anything they did not know. After all, the runner disciples knew all the rules in Phoenix Valley.

Grayson did not seem willing to separate from Jackie and Rudy. After all, he was not familiar with the area. However, his relationship with Jackie and Rudy was not the best, anyway. Even if he did not want to leave, he could not strike any feasible conversations.

After arranging everything, he headed to his courtyard. Jackie did not waste time

getting to his courtyard. Notably, there was a small sect in the middle of the courtyard.

All Jackie could think of at that moment were making spirit crystals, and also training.

However, Rudy had other thoughts in mind. After all, he had not planned on going to Phoenix Valley and was forced to be there. After all the arrangements were made, his more calculative thoughts started to surface.

“Go over there and wait for now. Come over if we ask for you!” Rudy said to Lou as he frowned.

Lou nodded obediently before he found an empty corner to wait quietly.

Jackie immediately knew that Rudy had something to say the moment he saw how Rudy was acting, but Jackie could not be bothered to listen to Rudy’s nonsense. The moment he thought about interrupting Rudy’s words, Rudy spoke up first.

“Jackie! You’re very smart. Why don’t you try figuring out what happened to the alliance?” came Rudy’s remark, which sounded oddly genial at that, one that made Jackie shudder.

This guy was incredibly shameless. A long while ago, Rudy was pompous and ridiculed Jackie without relief. At this moment, however, he was trying his best to suck up to Jackie.

Jackie was not the type of person that would ignore the past, but he was still stuck in the same yard as that guy. He was still in an unknown place, so he was not willing to make their relationship too tense.


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