No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2521

Elder Simon laughed coldly as he turned to look at Rudy. “If you’re so cowardly, how will you ever achieve anything great? Regardless of whatever you’re thinking, you’re going to Phoenix Valley!

“What happened before is an alliance secret, and it must never be leaked. If the two of you really want to leave, your memories will have to be removed.”

Rudy and Grayson looked like they had just been viciously slapped, unable to formulate any plea nor resistance. Removing memories sounded simple, but it involved direct damage to the soul.

The two of them were not that powerful, to begin with. If their memories were forcefully cleared, they might be reduced to mere brainless fools!

That was when Rudy and Grayson truly understood that they could not worm their

way out of this situation anymore. Elder Simon would not let the two of them leave to protect the secret.

With that in mind, they had no reason to struggle anymore, and hopelessness haunted them dauntingly.

Elder Simon let out a cold smile as he continued, “Stop acting like you’ll die if you go to Phoenix Valley. Phoenix Valley is an important existence for the alliance, and no one would dare to enter Phoenix Valley. You’ll never be hurt.”

All three of them heard Elder Simon’s words and agreed; Phoenix Valley would naturally be safe, seeing its importance to the alliance. Danger would not find them so easily.

They would be incredibly safe if they were in Phoenix Valley, but it was a different question during the journey there itself.

Regardless, Rudy and Grayson were already prepared to retreat and not go to Phoenix

Valley before.

Even if that place was the safest place in the world, they would not want to go there. They felt like Phoenix Valley was the center of all their troubles, that even though it looked safe on the surface, there was no telling what could happen in the future.

Jackie let out a light cough as he stood up, saluting Elder Simon. “Since the two of them have been convinced, when will we be heading to Phoenix Valley?”

That was what Jackie cared about the most. Before, two strong deacons had been arranged to protect them, yet they were still intercepted by an ambush.

They did not know if the journey to Phoenix Valley would be the same as the last one, riddled with problem after problem.

Elder Simon could see Jackie’s concerns. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie in appreciation. He felt like that kid was much stronger than the other two. At the very least, he was not a coward.

He answered, “Don’t worry; there are no spies here. This time, I’ll arrange for Xander to go with the two of you.

“Xander isn’t a steward from this branch. He’s from Phoenix Valley, so he’s the best person to accompany you.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as Xander nodded to him. No other words were said. Jackie was still worried, but it would do nothing other than cause annoyance if he voiced out his questions then.

Elder Simon arranged for Xander to bring them to Phoenix Valley immediately after everything was settled, probably because getting them sent as soon as possible was the best idea.

The journey was quite peaceful, and nothing terribly uneventful happened.

After two days, they arrived at a maple tree grove. The red leaves made the place look

like it was burning brightly. Jackie, Rudy, and Grayson looked up, attracted by the scenery.


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