No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2518

Jackie wasted no time as he saluted Hansel. “Go and head back to your clan, Hansel. We’ll be heading to the airborne vessel.”

Rudy glanced at Hansel. “Do you not want to head back?”

On the way, Jackie had not asked what happened to Hansel nor did he ask how Malcom had plotted against Hansel. Hansel did not open his mouth to explain either. They completed the journey quietly.

Hansel took a deep breath as he smiled bitterly. “There will be some trouble after I go back, but it’s fine, I have confidence. As long as I tell the truth in its entirety, I’d most likely receive only a punishment or two. There shouldn’t be anything too major.”

Jackie looked at Hansel before saying calmly, “I killed Jordan for my own reasons. It

probably wouldn’t have been a good thing for him to go back with you alive.

“Someone like him could backstab you at any given moment. Furthermore, I feel like you’re a merciful person.

“You might not be ruthless enough against him due to your past relationship. To prevent anything messy from happening, I decided to just get rid of him.”

Hansel nodded and said, “You’re right, Jackie, I was too soft on my juniors. I’d probably have smoother days ahead with them gone now.”

Jackie nodded. Hansel shot a meaningful look at Jackie, still having something to say but swallowing the words.

He turned to look toward Seven Absolutes Pavilion.

The sect was the most important building in the whole city. It had all the flair a fifth-grade clan should have, and it was

the reason why the city was so prosperous.

As a disciple of the Seven Absolutes Pavilion, he was one of the most important people in the city. However, after everything that had happened, he had turned into a traitor.

Hansel was no fool; he had to fight for his innocence. The thought circled his mind for a while before Hansel took a deep breath and turned around, saluting Jackie.

He had been about exchanging pleasantries when Jackie immediately interrupted him, “There’s something I want to ask you. I wonder if you could help me.”

Hansel looked at Jackie curiously before answering, “Please do raise your concern, Jackie. You’ve saved my life, so naturally, I’ll answer anything you want to know.”

Jackie nodded; that was the answer he wanted.

“Malcolm said earlier that you had ties to the alliance. Is this alliance the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance? What kind of ties do you have?

“What did you do for them, and what did that eighth elder have to do with the alliance? There’ve been many things happening with the alliance lately. I wonder if you know of them.”

The slew of questions had all hit their marks. Each question that came from Jackie caused Hansel’s expression to sour a little.

Rudy and Grayson looked at Jackie respectfully, wanting to shoot Jackie a thumbs up.

Jackie was too amazing. They had almost forgotten all these, yet Jackie still had it in mind. The things he asked were all incredibly important.

The three of them straightened their bodies as they looked at Hansel, waiting for his



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