No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2517

If Rudy knew how strong Jackie was from the start, he would never have dared to pull those stunts on him. Jackie had entered the spring solidifying realm at his current age and even defeated even a fifth-grade clan’s chosen disciple.

Rudy was no match against him at all.

Grayson, too, thought the same. At that moment, they were basically in the same boat, full of regret for what they had done.

Jackie’s expression did not change even as he stared at Jordan, who was crying out to the skies, merely raising his sword slowly.

The sunlight glinted against the sword, coldly reflecting onto Jordan’s face. He could feel Jackie’s murderous intent, and he could not help but shudder.

He suddenly looked up to face Jackie and

noticed how he stared at him so emotionlessly. Jordan paled in fright, shuddering. He gulped as he pushed away Malcolm’s body.

He adjusted himself before kneeling in front of Jackie. “Let me go; I was just following him! I didn’t do anything… It’s just that he gave me a lot of benefits, but I’m just an accomplice at most! P-Please, let me go…

“I don’t stand a fighting chance against you whatsoever nor do I want to kill you. I don’t really have much of a grudge against Hansel; I was just blinded by greed! I never expected…”

He cried as he spoke, but no matter what he said, Jackie’s expression remained cold, fueling Jordan’s panic even more. He started to crawl on the ground, attempting to grab Jackie’s pants.

However, Jackie did not give him that change. With a wave of Jackie’s sword, the tip pointed right at Jordan’s throat. Jordan no longer dared to move around, but he still refused to let go of any chance to survive.

“Please let me go! If you’re willing to let me go, I can do anything you want me to do, and I’ll even help Hansel reveal the truth! I’ll have all the people who’ve misunderstood Hansel realize that it had nothing to do with him! We were the ones who trapped him-“

Jackie’s sword stabbed into Jordan’s throat before he could finish, and the last glimmer of hope in Jordan’s eyes was the only thing left of him.

Jackie chuckled coldly; he never planned on letting someone like that get away scot free.

Hansel’s face soured a little. Jordan’s last few words sounded very promising for him, but it was already too late for anything. Jordan’s throat was already stabbed by Jackie’s sword, effectively ending his life once and for all.

With a thud, Jordan’s corpse collapsed into a pile of leaves, no longer showing any signs of life. Jackie then sheathed his sword and turned to look at Hansel. “Let’s go,” he spoke, saying nothing else.

Jackie did not care about what would happen to Hansel after this. Jordan leaving the place alive would, in fact, be the biggest problem. No one knew if he would do anything to affect Jackie in the future.

Killing Jordan was the best preventive measure.

Hansel let out a small sigh, not saying anything. The rest of them followed after Jackie obediently, heading out of Grand Yorn Mountain

No one dared to doubt Jackie anymore. No matter what Jackie did, they would obediently follow.

The next afternoon, they finally arrived at the city where the Seven Absolutes Pavilion governed.

The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s branch was in the skies of the city. Jackie had only just learned that all of the alliance’s branches were vessels floating above a city.

It gave out a feeling that the alliance was above all conflicts.

When they entered the city, Hansel’s expression was a little stiff. Jackie and the others were headed toward the vessel, so it was time to say goodbye.


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