No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2516

“Who are you?!” bellowed Malcolm, already heavily injured by Jackie’s hand. The pain coming from his soul had him on the brink of collapse.

Despite his injuries, however, the burning question that haunted him could no longer be held back, and he screamed at Jackie for the answer.

Jackie turned to look at Malcolm. At that moment, Malcolm was already hanging at his last thread, and at any moment, he could shut his eyes and pass away.

“And what’ll happen after you know who I am, hmm? Would it change the results?” Jackie’s tone was light as if he was talking about something very simple.

Malcolm’s body became taut as his bloodshot eyes widened.

“Don’t get too riled up, Malcolm!” hissed


Malcolm was already on the verge of death. If he died, things would look incredibly grim for Jordan. The consequences needed no further explanation.

Even Malcolm had not been able to defeat the guy, let alone Jordan, who had not even entered the spring solidifying realm.

Alas, Malcolm completely ignored Jordan’s words as he stared at Jackie in a deranged manner.

“I’ll never leave you, even when I’m a ghost!” vowed Malcolm, blood spurting out of his mouth as he did.

Hansel frowned, feeling conflicted about Malcolm.

Malcolm had once been his right-hand man…but never did he think that Malcolm would plot against him, forcing him to his current predicament.

He somewhat pitied Malcolm in his pathetic

state, but that feeling was quickly discarded. He would have been the one who would suffer a terrible fate had Jackie not been around. Malcolm would absolutely not.

“You have to hold on, Malcolm! We’ll leave this place alive! If you die, what’ll happen to me?!” Jordan anxiously clutched Malcolm’s hand At that moment, Malcolm was far too emotional. His state was deteriorating, his hands trembling due to the tear that plagued his heart.

“I won’t let you go unscathed, m-mark my word….! I won’t…let you off even if I die… I’ll curse you!” screamed Malcolm with the last ounce of strength he had left.

After his last words, his entire body suddenly straightened. His chest stopped heaving, and Jordan went crazy after seeing that.

He used all his strength to shake Malcolm,trying to bring Malcolm back from the dead. Alas, Malcolm’s soul had been shattered by Jackie. It could no longer condense again.

Malcolm had breathed his last.

At that moment, Jordan was no longer as arrogant as before, his whole body trembling in the aftermath.

Rudy retreated a few steps, no longer daring to even look at Jackie.

He regretted challenging Jackie and mocking Jackie so incessantly before. He recalled how he tried to suppress and oppress Jackie back when they were at the alliance branch. It was only at this moment did he realize how crazy that notion was.


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