No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2515

Malcolm had already disappeared. When Rudy saw that Malcolm had disappeared, he sat up abruptly, “Where is he? Where is Malcolm?”

His loud cry had been heard not only by Grayson next to him but by Jordan and Hansel who were still fighting as well.

The two of them seemed to stop fighting at the same time. They both looked over at Jackie. Only Jackie stood fixed to the spot as if nothing had happened.

Yet, Malcolm was gone. Jordan panicked, “Malcolm? Where are you?”

He did not get a response. Other than the sounds of birds and bugs around them, there were no other noises. After a long time, the shrubs not too far in front of Jackie started to rustle.

Jordan frowned. He no longer cared about

Hansel at that moment as he hurried over to where the rustling was. He pulled something out to reveal Malcolm, who was bleeding everywhere.

No wonder Malcolm had disappeared earlier. After falling to the ground, the leaves around him had all been sent flying up. Once the leaves fell again, Malcolm was buried by it.

Malcolm’s breathing was incredibly shallow at that moment. There was a lot of blood on his body. He looked to be in an incredibly bad state. Jordan helped Malcolm up, and Malcolm spat out some blood before he looked up at Jackie.

At the moment, he had lost all his earlier arrogance as he looked at Jackie. All that was left was shock. The power from Jackie’s attack earlier had been much stronger than his own. When he was fighting against Jackie earlier, it was obvious that Jackie had shown mercy. Otherwise, he would not still be standing.

“Who are you?! How are you so strong?! You’re definitely not at the early stage of the spring solidifying realm!” If Jackie was at the early stage, he would not have lost so badly.

He had been beaten up completely. His Killing Wind was a middle stage earth technique. Even if he had not mastered it yet, he was still already at the first stage.

With that skill, he was firmly in second place among the disciples in his clan. Yet, the skill he had been so proud of had been so thoroughly beaten by Jackie.

At that moment, Malcolm felt wave after wave of pain deep in his soul. It was like ten thousand ants constantly eating away at his soul. Jordan’s eyes were completely fixed on Jackie at that moment.

In the past years, he had been completely surprised by Hansel. If he was able to defeat Hansel earlier, it would have greatly

boosted his standing. That was why he had not been paying attention to the other battle at all.

The moment he felt like something was wrong, Malcolm had already been heavily injured by Jackie. To be able to defeat Malcolm so thoroughly in just a few moves was something not even Hansel could do at his peak.

It was obvious how strong that guy in front of him was!

Grayson’s mouth was wide open and he commented, “Oh my god! Jackie’s way too strong! Malcolm is a spring solidifying realm expert who’s at his peak condition, but he still could not beat Jackie!”

“He’s too strong! This is the strongest person I’ve ever seen in my generation! Even the eldest disciple of Rosefinch Pavilion wouldn’t be able to beat Jackie! Why is someone as strong as him putting his attention on alchemy…”

Everyone knew that those who studied alchemy were usually those who did not have any talent for fighting. After all, no matter how many spirit crystals one could get, being strong was much better.

Hansel stabbed his sword on the ground, using it to support himself to remain standing and said, “Thank you, Jackie!”

Hansel was not afraid at all earlier. With Jackie around, he did not believe he would fail.


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