No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2514

“Hansel, can you believe that you’ll actually lose to me today?!” Jordan loudly said.

Jackie turned around to look and saw that Jordan was in an incredibly close fight with Hansel. At that moment, Hansel might still be able to fight back, but he was already beginning to be at a disadvantage. His injuries were starting to burden him.

It would not take too long for Jordan to defeat Hansel!

Jackie took a deep breath. If Hansel lost completely and died in Jordan’s hand, then he would end up having to fight against two by himself. He did not want himself to be in such a sticky situation, nor did he want Hansel to die just like that.

With that in mind, he suddenly turned around as he started to form seals in his hands. Sixty Soul Swords floated in the air. With a clap, all of the Soul Swords instantly fused into one, turning into a massive sword.

The massive Soul Sword immediately merged with the gray sword in Jackie’s hand. After absorbing so much energy, the gray sword started to glow radiantly as it hummed.

At that moment, Jackie was already in a must-win mode. He was using Destroying the Void, which was an upper ultimate god technique that he had already trained to the second stage.

When Malcolm looked at Jackie, he knew that Jackie was already pulling out his full power. Malcolm took a deep breath, no longer wanting to prolong things. He grabbed his sword with both hands, and the green light turned into a tornado of wind circling his sword.

Malcolm roared as he leaped forward, turning into a formless wind as he charged straight at Jackie. At that moment, he was

completely surrounded by a green light. As the speed constantly rose, he turned into a ray of light.

He charged at Jackie at an imperceptible speed, “Killing Wind!”

Jackie could not determine what level of technique that was, but he felt that there was no way it was above a middle-earth rank technique. Jackie let out a cold laugh, not avoiding it as he slashed Destroying the Void right at Killing Wind.

The gray sword clashed with the green light. With the two of them at the center, shockwave after shockwave shot out.

An intense wind circled everywhere. Rudy and Grayson had already found a safe spot to hide from the moment the battle started.

However, the moment the skills clashed, the winds it caused sent the two of them flying into the air!

There were trees all around them. The two of them flew a few meters before ramming right into a tree.

They fell from the tree in a pathetic state. Their clothes were all torn up by the branches. When they fell on the floor they even ended up planting their faces on rotten leaves.

Rudy struggled as he sat up from the ground. After getting the leaves out of his mouth, he started to cough violently. He was not just in a pathetic state at that moment, he was filled with shock as well.

Just from the shockwaves alone, he had been sent flying into the air. If the tree had not been there, he did not know how far he would have flown.

Grayson was planted on the floor not far away from him. He was in a pathetic state. When the two of them looked up, they noticed Jackie was still standing there with his sword in hand.

The winds had already stopped by then. Other than his disheveled hair, there did not seem to be anything wrong with Jackie. It was as if he had not been at the center of those shockwaves.


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