No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2513

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He was not too surprised that Malcolm recognized he was using the laws of space so quickly. After all, they were in Middle Province, not some backwater place like West Cercie State.

He let out a sigh, suddenly having a different plan. Malcolm did not seem like a very good person, but he was still from a fifth-grade clan. He was an excellent chosen disciple, only ranking behind Hansel.

He had plotted against Hansel probably because he wanted to take Hansel’s place. He had ambition and skill, he was definitely a good whetstone.

Ever since he broke through to the spring solidifying realm, he had only been through a single battle! Thinking about that, he let out a cold laugh. He held the gray sword in his hand tightly. Malcolm felt that Jackie’s expression was a bit strange. Jackie looked like a cat that was toying around with a mouse.

Just as he was feeling confused, Jackie leaped forward again, heading right for him. The gray sword in Jackie’s hand sent out a few attacks.

Malcolm did not dare to underestimate his opponent. The green sword in his hand started to dance around. With the sound of a few explosions, the green sword and the gray sword’s attacks violently clashed together.

Two waves of energies clashed, but Malcolm could only feel pain. The sword in his right hand started to shake. At that moment, he was certain that Jackie was like him, a spring solidifying realm fighter as well.

Jackie was really hard to handle! No wonder Hansel had looked so confident even if he was letting out an incredibly painful and betrayed expression. He really did have a trump card!

“Who are you? Which clan are you from? Why have I never seen you before, and how did you end up with Hansel? What benefits is he giving you?” Malcolm asked loudly.

As the chosen disciple of the Seven Absolutes Pavilion, he had a bit of fame both in his clan and out of it. He had basically met most of the people who were on even footing with him.

The person in front of him was unknown. It was his first time meeting the guy, and he was called Jackie by his companions! Malcolm was certain that it was his first time hearing such a name. It proved that Jackie was probably not a chosen disciple from any of the neighboring clans.

He could be from the inner regions, but based on what Malcolm knew, the inner

region’s disciples would absolutely not be out here at this moment.

Any of those guys with just a bit of skill were all incredibly arrogant. There was no way they would know and help Hansel here.

Jackie knew he would ask those questions. Jackie let out a cold smile and said, “If you want to kill me, then I naturally would want to kill you back. This is common sense, SO why are you asking questions?”

Malcolm’s face turned dark. Only then did he remember that he had said he would kill everyone there, saying he was not merciful.

He had not known that Jackie was so skilled back then. If he had known that Jackie was already at the spring solidifying realm, he would not have moved so easily.

Malcolm narrowed his hands and said, “Those with skill are naturally treated differently. This is a world where the strongest up the weak. If you had shown your skill earlier, I would not have made a move against you!”

Jackie let out a cold smile, he had to say that it did make sense. However, Jackie was absolutely not someone who would let things go just with a few words.

The situation was already like that. He would absolutely not help Malcolm get Hansel. From their conversation earlier, he could tell that Malcolm was an incredibly ruthless person.

Hansel was in the state he was in because of a plot by Malcolm and Jordan. Jackie would absolutely not work together with someone like that.


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