No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2512

At that moment, there was nothing else to say. Jackie took out the gray sword from Mustard Seed before he launched himself right at Malcolm.

Hansel’s body twisted, facing Jordan with all his injuries!

Malcolm saw Jackie charging at him, and could not help but frown. He could still not see how strong Jackie was, but the two of them had clearly delegated their tasks. Jackie was going to fight him while Hansel fought Jordan.

It was easy to see from that, that Jackie was stronger than Jordan! With that in mind, Malcolm could not help but be nervous.

However, there was no time for him to think about anything then. Malcolm’s sword glinted as he disappeared on the spot. That was an advantage wind-oriented fighters had.

Jackie was already prepared the moment he knew that Malcolm was a wind practitioner. The moment Malcolm disappeared, he distorted space. The next second, a gust of wind attacked him.

Malcolm had been fifty meters apart from Jackie initially. In the blink of an eye, Malcolm was right in front of Jackie.

At that moment, Rudy and Grayson were stunned next to Jackie. The two of them had never seen spring solidifying realm experts fighting before, nor had they ever seen such a fast fighter.

It only took a moment for the weapons to clash close to each other. If they were in Jackie’s position, they would have been scared out of their wits. They would not even have the time to cry out, let alone retaliate.

Malcolm’s lips curled up as he let out a pleased smile. The sword in his hand sent out slash after slash, heading right for Jackie’s forehead.

“Die!” Malcolm shouted in rage.

Even though he still did not know what Jackie’s strength was, he was still very confident in his speed. Those who did not understand him would often fall after he launched his attacks and closed the distance rapidly.

Even if they could avoid his frontal attacks it would be impossible to avoid everything. They would be damaged by the shockwaves, which was what he wanted!

When Malcolm slashed again, he stared at Jackie. He wanted to witness his slashes piercing through him.

Yet, before he could even be happy, Jackie’s image disappeared from the spot.

“An afterimage?” Malcolm said suspiciously.

As the second disciple of the Seven

Absolutes Pavilion, he was not just strong.

He was full of combat experience as well. The moment he found that Jackie had disappeared, he reacted immediately, shifting his position.

What followed was a bang. There was a black-colored slash that appeared where he had disappeared. He turned to look at Jackie, who had somehow appeared four meters behind him.

Malcolm frowned as he shouted in shock, “You know how to use the laws of space?”

A place like a third-grade clan would naturally not understand the laws of space much at all. However, Malcolm was from a fifth-grade clan, and a wind attribute user at that. He naturally knew about the laws of space.

The laws of space had always been something incredibly hard to grasp. In so many years, he’d only seen some seniors trying to understand the laws of space. Even then, they only managed to understand a small fraction. It was the first time he had seen someone so young using it.


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