No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2511

Those words had unmasked mockery within them. Rudy had always been an arrogant person. Being looked at like that made it feel like a boulder was pressing against his heart.

However, he could not say anything at all. That was because the other person was right. In the eyes of a spring solidifying realm expert, their strength was of no significance. They were people who could just be killed with a pinch.

However, he did not expect Malcolm to insult them in such a pleased manner. He abruptly turned to look at Jackie as a surprised expression flashed on his face. The two of them might be minnows, but Jackie was a true expert.

Even a spring solidifying realm beast was nothing to Jackie, let alone these two. Thinking about that, he wanted to show off

with Jackie, but Jackie grabbed his arm.

Jackie hatefully glared at Rudy. Rudy was really very dumb. Jackie whispered into Rudy’s ears, “Shut up right now!”

Rudy was so scared he shuddered at Jackie’s gaze. He did not dare to speak anymore. Grayson ended up being warned as well.

Earlier, he was just as emotional, wanting to tell the others that Jackie was very strong! Hansel glanced at Jackie. He calmed down from his emotional state.

He suddenly laughed coldly, “You came to kill me? So you’re planning on killing my friends over here?”

Malcolm frowned, feeling like Hansel seemed to mean something behind those words. He could not help but look at Jackie and the others, but he could not see anything. The few of them were incredibly mediocre.

Only one of their strengths could not be

seen, but it was clear that the person was already injured internally. Furthermore, Jackie was standing with Rudy and Grayson, so he should only be at the early stage of the innate level as well.

If that was the case, they should not be much of a threat.

“Do you think we’re running a charity that doesn’t kill innocents?” Malcolm mocked.

There were not many fighters who showed mercy. In order to achieve their goals, killing a few people was not something they mind.

Hansel took a deep breath as he clutched his sword tightly, “Then come!”

As he said that, Hansel raised his head. slightly as if he was already prepared to die. However, thinking about it, there was something off about Hansel’s actions.

Jackie frowned. He knew Hansel’s plans. With him standing by Hansel’s side, Hansel did have a trump card. Malcolm felt like Hansel’s actions were strange, but he could not tell what was strange about them.

He sighed as he shot a look at Jordan, “Since Hansel wants to die so much, we should fulfill his wish as his juniors.”

After saying that, Malcolm pulled out his own green sword. The sword had countless runes on it. When he clutched the sword tightly, a breeze started spinning around him.

It was obvious that Malcolm was a wind oriented fighter. Jackie frowned, turning to shoot Hansel a look. Even though the two of them did not say anything, they immediately understood what the other was thinking after that short exchange.


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