No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2510

Ever since Malcolm appeared, Jackie and the others were ignored. He did not see Jackie and the others as humans at all.

Hansel was incredibly emotional when he said, “Getting rid of a traitor! I can’t believe you could actually say something like that. The others don’t know, but don’t you know how the eighth elder died?!

“The two of you had plotted against me and I actually fell for it so stupidly!” After saying that, Hansel’s eyes reddened.

He felt like he had been incredibly lied to and framed. He was in a bad state.

Malcolm let out a cold smile as he said, “Stop trying to act like a good person. Every time, you act like a righteous and noble person. Only I know how fake you are.

“We never set a trap for you at all. You were the one who did it all to yourself because of your actions! Don’t think we don’t know anything just because you’ve hidden it. I’ve long since sent someone to check your plot with the alliance!”

Jackie was stunned at those words. Plot with the alliance? Even though Malcolm only mentioned the alliance, Jackie’s mind. immediately jumped to the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.

Only the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance would be able to be referred to so simply. Could Hansel have some dealings with the alliance?

Hearing Malcolm’s words, it seemed like there were a lot of hidden secrets. Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but purse his lips as he quietly stood by the side, looking at the fellow disciples.

Hansel waved his hands around and said, “The ones who are dirty think of everyone else as dirty. How could I have a deal with the alliance? In their eyes, I’m just a little minnow.

“The elders were the ones who allowed me to help the alliance out with something. As the eldest disciple of the Seven Absolutes Pavilion, I have my responsibilities. It’s nothing like what you think!”

Malcolm let out a cold laugh as he said, “Stop with your dumb excuses. You’re just trying to push all the responsibilities away. The alliance has been through so much lately, everyone knows it has something to do with that group.

“Don’t think that we’ll believe you just because you’re randomly spouting out some nonsense excuse! You’ve already been the eldest disciple for so many years.

“No matter what, the eighth elder’s death is related to you! We did not scheme against you at all. You were the one who decided to go right into it! It’s time for you to die now. Allowing you to live for so long is our gift for you.”Hansel felt like those words were incredibly hard to listen to. It was as if someone had delivered several slaps to his face. Hansel was so angry his whole body was shaking.

“I knew you left a tracker on me. Otherwise, you would never have been able to appear right after I walked out! I really underestimated you!” Hansel said a little hopelessly.

He started to tear up as Malcolm snorted, not saying anything. His attitude made it clear that he did leave a tracker on Hansel.

At that moment, Malcolm seemed to have just noticed that Hansel had others next to him. He turned his gaze to Jackie.

“Who are these minnows? I can’t believe you actually managed to bring out a few minnows from the Grand Yorn Mountain? However, those minnows don’t even seem like they can compare to the beasts nearby. They’re not even firmly at the early stage of the innate level… they’re such rubbish!”


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