No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2509

After seeing the face of the man in green robe, Jackie and the others furrowed their eyebrows. They did not have any other particular reactions, but Hansel looked like a cat that just had its tail stepped on. He was suddenly incredibly nervous.

He suddenly retrieved his sword from his spatial ring and placed it in his palm.

The calm look on his face had turned into a hateful one.

The change in Hansel’s attitude had been too obvious.

The other three next to him could feel it completely.

They knew the moment they saw such a large change that the green-robed man was definitely not friendly.

Hansel shouted in a heavy tone, “I really can’t get rid of you! Malcolm Granger, I never knew you would be so despicable! You’re not giving up on trying to kill me!”

The person called Malcolm let out a snide smile after he heard Hansel. He looked at Hansel as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Hansel, you’ve never disappointed me. You always act like an idiot. If I don’t kill you off completely, wouldn’t you just run back to the clan to reveal everything I’ve done?”

Hansel was so furious that his whole body was shaking. He was about to shout when someone slowly walked over from afar. That person was dressed up similarly to Malcolm. It was just that he looked a few years younger than Malcolm.

He slowly walked next to Malcolm. He was like a resolved bodyguard as he stood behind Malcolm.

When Hansel saw the other person, his face soured even more, and shouted, “Jordan! I can’t believe you’re one of Malcolm’s accomplices!”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Hansel, you’re wrong about that. I’m not Malcolm’s accomplice. I’m just a warrior who’s here to get rid of a traitor.”

After those words were spoken, Hansel suddenly laughed out loud. Only, the laugh was full of helplessness and hatred. Jackie and the others could clearly hear that Hansel was not in a good state at that moment.

However, his wounds were still not recovered. The laughing and his mental state aggravated his wounds. It caused his face which had already regained its color to turn pale once again.

Jackie frowned, looking at Malcolm and Jordan who had very relaxed expressions on their faces. When he checked out their strength, Jackie understood why they were acting so casually.

Malcolm’s strength was about equal to Hansel’s. He had already entered the spring.

solidifying the realm and was at the early stage.

Even though Jordan had yet to break into the spring solidifying realm, he was still at the peak of the innate stage.

On their side, Jackie had deliberately left scars internally, so they could not see how strong he was. Grayson and Rudy were not even worth mentioning. The two of them were practically ants.

The two of them were at the early stage of the innate level. In front of Malcolm and Jordan, they did not amount to everything. Even though Hansel was around the same level as Malcolm, Hansel should be stronger than Malcolm.

Yet, Hansel was heavily injured. It was impossible for him to use all his strength. Even being able to fight at half his level was already quite good.

That was why their group was no threat at all to Malcolm and Jordan. That was why the two of them were so relaxed as they talked.

It was as if everything was already in their hands, and that there would not be any changes.


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