No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2507

After walking for half a day, they finally left the area where spring solidifying realm beasts dwelled. They arrived at the outskirts, where the beasts around were weaker. They would all flee the moment Jackie unleashed his aura.

Probably because the danger had greatly reduced after arriving at the outskirts, the tension between the four of them had disappeared. Initially, none of them spoke to each other, but Rudy had wanted to start a conversation.

He still did not dare to look at Jackie. He let out a slight cough as he looked forward and asked, “Do you all have any plans after leaving Grand Yorn Mountain?”

That question was actually targeted at Jackie and Grayson. Grayson furrowed his eyebrows before saying, “Once we’re out, I want to go look for a transfer array. I don’t want to spend another moment outside. I want to go back to Rosefinch Pavilion immediately.” He did not plan on leaving again in his whole lifetime.

Rudy sighed, “I want to return to Golden Pills as well. I feel like the outside is too dangerous. I’d rather stay at Golden Pills as a student. Even though there aren’t that many resources there, I’d still be able to live a peaceful life.”

The journey had dealt them too big of a blow. Students of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance could definitely receive a lot of benefits, but they might face even greater dangers. It caused the two of them to be unsettled.

Jackie frowned, saying in a low voice, “I know you really want to go back, but there’s something you haven’t made clear yet. You’re current students of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance.

“Even though you still have your old identities, you’re already part of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. It’s incredibly inappropriate for the two of you to just head back like that. No matter what, you need to give the alliance an explanation.”

Rudy and Grayson looked at Jackie with a stunned expression after hearing that.

Jackie sighed and continued, “If the two of you quietly head back to your original places just like that, what would happen once the higher-ups in the alliance find out?

“After all, the sudden incident probably means the two deacons are unlikely to be alive. The alliance is probably still trying to figure things out. If the two of you go back quietly, do you think the alliance will just let you be? What would they think of you?”

Jackie’s explanation forced the two of them to wake up. Jackie was right! If they went back to their original places without saying anything, the alliance would definitely think there was something wrong with them.

After all, the vessel had gotten into an accident. They had been attacked after all. If nothing wrong happened to them, they would not return quietly at all!

If they ever gave the alliance that sort of impression, it would be incredibly hard for them to explain their way out of it in the future. It would burden the forces backing them. Grayson slapped his head and said, “How could I forget that?! If I return just like that, I’d definitely invite suspicion. They would definitely end up linking everything to us!”

Rudy nodded, “Then what do we do? Why don’t we delay our return to our clans and head to the branch to make a report?”

Jackie frowned and said earnestly, “Just a few miles away will be the Seven Absolutes Pavilions territory. The Seven Absolutes Pavilion is like Rosefinch Pavilion, you’re both fifth-rank clans.

“They both have branches from the alliance as well. If we want to prove ourselves, why don’t we just head to the Seven Absolutes Pavilion’s branch to explain everything?”

Rudy and Grayson nodded, agreeing with Jackie’s idea. When Jackie saw that the two of them had agreed, he was relieved. The incident definitely required witnesses for others to not be suspicious of them.


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