No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2506

Before he broke through to the divine solidifying realm, he could not afford to cause trouble within Grand Yorn Mountain. He knelt down before retrieving a dagger from his storage space. He aimed it at the wolf’s eye and easily dug it out.

The eye was the most valuable thing other than the wolf’s spirited core. If he sold it at the market, it would fetch a good price.

What he needed the most at that moment were spirit crystals. Even the most minuscule amount could not be given up. After taking out the wolf’s eye, he pierced out the wolf’s spirit core and gave it a simple wash. Then, he kept all those valuable things.

After doing that, he turned around to look at the other three who were still stunned. At the moment, the three of them looked at Jackie with a complicated and speechless expression.

“The one-eyed frost wolf is dead. Are you still going to stay here?” Jackie said in a calm tone.

Jackie’s sudden words broke the strange silence. At that moment, Rudy and Grayson no longer dared to even raise their heads to look at Jackie. Jackie was too strong.

They had dared to speak to Jackie as they did before because they had thought Jackie would be at around their level, not that much different in talent.

Yet, they found out that Jackie was actually in the spring solidifying realm. He was not much different from them when it came to alchemy as well. The arrogance in their hearts was no longer applicable to Jackie.

Hansel let out a slight cough as he said, “Since the one-eyed wolf is already dead. then we’re out of danger for now. We can leave now.”

Jackie nodded, glancing at Rudy and Grayson. When the two of them felt Jackie’s. gaze, they stiffened. Even their breathing became erratic.

They could feel that Jackie did not want to bring the two of them along. After all, the two of them were burdens to the two spring solidifying realm experts.

At that moment, the arrogance they had earlier had completely disappeared. They were scared that Jackie would leave the two of them behind and leave with Hansel.

Jackie sighed. He had not wanted to bring the two of them along, but if he did not, there would be some problems later on.

His next step had already been determined the moment he broke into the spring solidifying realm. The other two were still useful, so he was forced to bring the two of them along.

“Let’s hurry up and leave, Hansel, you lead the way,” Jackie said coldly.

Hansel hurriedly nodded. At that moment, Grayson and Rudy were incredibly quick to rush forward and grab one of Hansel’s arms. each, helping him move in front.

That way, they would at least be able to show that they were somewhat useful. The four of them moved forward carefully, worried they would encounter any dangers. After all, they were not in a safe spot.

Probably because they had been around the one-eyed frost wolf’s territory before, it had taken them three or four kilometers before noticing another beast.

The beasts were incredibly sensitive. When Jackie unleashed his strength, the weaker beasts immediately avoided the group.


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