No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2505

After saying that, Hansel felt his breathing get heavier.

Hansel might be injured, but he was still a spring solidifying realm expert. He was a chosen disciple of a fifth-grade clan.

His words naturally had some authority behind them.

Hansel had seen many spring solidifying realm experts. He could naturally tell what Jackie’s approximate level was based on the skills Jackie had used. After hearing Hansel’s words, Rudy and Grayson felt their breathing stop.

Jackie was a spring solidifying realm expert? He was not some normal early spring solidifying realm expert either? He was actually that strong? He did not look that old.

He was a year or two younger than them at most. However, his strength was so much higher than theirs! It had completely proven how talented Jackie was in martial arts! Rudy took a deep breath, not knowing what to say. He felt like he had experienced more in the past few days than he had in his twenty-odd years of life!

Grayson was not willing to believe the truth. He shook his head as he said, “Impossible! He’s not that talented! He could not possibly be so strong!”

Hansel could not help but let out a cold laugh, “Then can you please explain to me how did that spring solidifying realm beast die in Jackie’s hands?”

Grayson was rendered silent by Hansel’s words.

Hansel took a deep breath and continued, “Did you see the wolf’s expression before it died? I saw it clearly…”.

Hansel’s words caused Rudy and Grayson to go quiet again. The two of them had seen the wolf collapse on the ground as well.

The Wolf had looked up and stared viciously at Jackie.

That wolf’s eyes were filled with fear and shock. It was obvious that it had not been able to react to that attack earlier. It had never expected that its skill would lose to Jackies.

It had also never expected that the brat would be that strong. Before it died, shock filled its eyes.

The three of them could see how confused the one-eyed frost wolf was. Jackie took a deep breath as he raised his left hand, pulling out the gray sword from the wolf’s body. He had expected the battle to go that way, The wolf had underestimated him.

If the wolf had known his strength, the battle would probably have lasted longer. Yet, that one-eyed frost wolf had obviously treated him like a little rat that did not fear death.

Hansel was right, Jackie had already entered the spring solidifying realm.

After being transferred to Middle Provine, he was only a sliver away from the spring solidifying realm. Absorbing so much power from the Scarlet Blood Crystal had allowed him to easily level up.

Jackie was already firmly in the early stage of the spring solidifying realm. He had the most basic ability to protect himself in Middle Province.

The innate stage could only be considered the lowest rank of fighters. In third and fourth-grade clans, they would only be able to be disciples. Meanwhile, spring solidifying realm experts could become caretakers.

Many fighters were stuck in the innate level, never able to get into the spring solidifying realm. Jackie clutched his hands, feeling like he had an abundance of energy.

That was the confidence that strength gave him.

He did not even bother turning back to see how the other two were looking at him. Before absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal, he had already been planning his next steps after breaking through.

He would first solve his big headache before leaving this place. Even though he would be able to protect himself if he stayed around the area, he could not guarantee there would be no other dangers around.


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