No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2504

After a bang sounded, the one-eyed frost wolf fell from the sky to the ground. It squashed a patch of grass.

Jackie fell from the sky. As a precaution, he pulled out the sword from the wolf’s body before stabbing it a few more times.

Stab after stab, he aimed right at the one-eyed frost wolf’s fatal spots. After two or three times, the wolf could not even call out in agony anymore. Its legs curled up as it died!

Everything had happened far too swiftly. The three people within the vessel had not even had a chance to react before the one eyed frost wolf that had been so impressive to them, died.

It was a spring solidifying realm beast. To Rudy and Grayson, a beast-like that was probably something they would never be able to defeat in their lifetime. Yet, Jackie had dealt with it in just a flash!

If they had not personally witnessed how powerful the one-eyed frost wolf’s attack had been, they would have been doubting if the one-eyed frost wolf was really in the spring solidifying realm.

It had died far too easily!

“Is this all real? Could I be hallucinating?!” Grayson said as he trembled.

At that moment, his eyes had never left the one-eyed frost wolf’s corpse. He could not believe that he had actually witnessed a spring solidifying realm beast being defeated so easily by Jackie.

It was far too strange! It was so absurd that he would never have believed it if he had not witnessed it for himself. Rudy pinched himself.

The pain told him that everything was true. “How did he kill a spring solidifying realm beast? Isn’t he at the early stage of the innate level? Am I crazy, or has the world gone crazy? How could something so absurd like this happen?”

Rudy felt like the whole world had gone mad. Jackie might be stronger than the two of them, but he could not be that strong! At the most, Jackie should have been at the middle stage of the innate level.

Yet, how was it possible for a spring solidifying realm beast to fall in just one strike?!

Hansel put a hand against the door as he forced himself to stand up. He listened to the constant comments from the other two.

After a while, he said in disbelief, “Who said he’s at the innate level? He’s clearly a spring solidifying realm fighter…”

Those words stunned Grayson and Rudy.

Jackie was a spring solidifying realm fighter? How could that be?! The two of them hurriedly sent out their divine senses to check Jackie’s level.As they checked, they were surprised to notice that they were not able to determine Jackie’s level. It was as if Jackie was different internally than other people.

Rudy said anxiously, “I can’t tell how strong his strength is!”

Grayson nodded right after, “I can’t see it either! Can you?”

The two of them were forced to suspect if Jackie’s level was too high for them to check his strength.

Hansel took a deep breath, his voice was a bit raspy, “I can’t tell how powerful he is either. He must have been injured earlier.

“However, it’s not just your senses that can determine a person’s realm. You can also see it from the strength of his attacks! The strength behind his attacks was not something that can be done merely being at the early stage of the spring solidifying the realm.”


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