No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2503

Jackie’s actions earlier had completely stumped the three of them.

They saw that the wolf had not attacked the three of them, so they had held back the fear in their hearts, not shutting the door immediately.

The three of them stood inside the vessel, looking at Jackie standing in front of the wolf with widened eyes. They were shocked at Jackie’s challenging tone toward the wolf.

Hansel’s mouth twitched, feeling like he no longer knew what to think, and said, “I really admire Jackie’s mental strength. If I was about to explode, I would never be able to speak in such a calm tone to a beast that could kill me at any time. Even if I wanted to die, I would not be so calm!”

Hansel’s words did not have a hint of mockery at all. He really did admire Jackie. Jackie was doing something he would never be able to do.

Jackie seemed way too calm.

The calmness was as if Jackie was not facing a spring solidifying realm beast, but an innate stage one.

The wolf let out a breath of frost air as it looked at Jackie as if he was an idiot. Even though he felt like Jackie was an idiot that did not know his place, those words still hurt the wolf’s pride.

It would not allow an ant of a human to speak to it like that! Since he wanted to try, then it would bite off his throat in a flash and put Jackie in his place.

Thinking about that, it raised its hind leg a little. The next second, it leaped forward like a cannonball, heading straight for Jackie.

It opened its jaws, revealing its teeth as chills came out of its mouth.

Jackie had already been prepared. He clenched the gray sword in his hand tightly as sixty Soul Swords fused into one, heading into the gray sword!

He raised his hand and slashed it at the wolf! Destroying the Void turned into a flash of light as he clashed with the wolf in the air.

The one-eyed frost wolf did not even turn its head as it looked at the ray of light. Its sole eye suddenly let out a radiant blue glow. An ice arrow the size of an arm shot out. It was a natural skill of the wolf!

The ice arrow contained a coldness that would stop any human from breathing. It clashed with Destroying the Void! When Rudy and the others saw that, they thought about how Jackie would die instantly after being struck by that arrow!

After that, a huge boom was heard as the two attacks clashed followed by a cracking sound as the blue ice arrow suddenly shattered!

It had turned to dust in a flash.

The wolf had been incredibly confident in its technique. It had never expected its skill to fail.

After the arrow was destroyed by Destroying the Void, it was stunned for a second.

Right at that second, Jackie bent the laws of space and disappeared from his spot! The next second, he appeared in front of the wolf.

After attacking the ice arrow, there was nothing stopping Destroying the Void anymore. With a speed that could not be seen with the naked eye, it appeared in front of the wolf with Jackie in a flash.

The wolf only reacted after Jackie appeared in front of it!

It prepared to jump away, but it was already too late! Destroying the Void sliced right into the wolf’s chest, causing the wolf to let out a sharp wail.

At that moment, the one-eyed frost wolf lost all its strength. It could not stop Jackie atall. Jackie emotionlessly stabbed it with his sword, which still contained the power of Destroying the Void.

The gray blade viciously stabbed into the one-eyed frost wolf’s chest, causing blood to splash onto Jackie’s body.

The pain of its soul being destroyed not only caused the wolf to wail in agony, but also caused it to lose all rational thought.


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