No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2502

He quickly formed a few seals, and with a click, the door opened again. At that moment, the other three were almost unable to grasp what was happening.

To stop Hansel from interfering, Jackie had his other hand stopping Hansel’s arm. Hansel was unable to get close to the array. He then took a step forward and stood in front of the array, causing the three of them to not be able to close the door.

The three of them were suddenly in a massive panic then. None of them expected Jackie to be so crazy, insisting on having them die with him.

Rudy was so anxious that he was about to cry. He shouted, “Jackie, you’re crazy! If you want to die, then just go ahead and die yourself. Why are you trying to drag the three of us with you?!”

He cried as he frantically rushed toward Jackie. Grayson clenched his teeth as he thought about rushing past Jackie to close the door.

However, Jackie was like a steel wall. He stood in front of the array, not allowing the three of them to shut the door!

After a few clicks sounded, the door finally opened. A familiar chill rushed in from the outside.

Jackie let out a cold smile as he turned to look outside the ship. Jackie saw a blue colored chill as Rudy and the other two’s shouts could still be heard. Hansel grabbed his arm, a bit crazed.

Jackie did not care what everyone around him was saying or shouting at him. He left the vessel in a flash.

A roar came from that bundle of frost. After a howl, the icy chill slowly dissipated. A strong figure appeared in front of Jackie. The one-eyed frost wolf’s sole eye looked at Jackie in suspicion.

It was not stupid and was quite curious.

The door had clearly just closed, so why was it suddenly opened again so quickly? Why did that guy in front of it rush out? Was the guy looking to die?

Jackie took a deep breath as he took out the gray sword from Mustard Seed and held it tightly in his hand. He looked right up at the one-eyed frost wolf that was as tall as three people.

“You’re the strongest being I’ve faced since I was born.” Jackie’s tone was light as if he was talking about something very simple.

The one-eyed frost wolf’s suspicion intensified. It walked two steps forward as a mocking smile suddenly appeared on its face.

Even though the one-eyed frost wolf was already in the spring-solidifying realm, it had not attained a human form yet. It could not comm micate in human language, and could only answer Jackie with its expressions.

Jackie knew that the one-eyed frost wolf had already regarded him as a little mouse to toy around with. It could kill Jackie with one claw, yet Jackie still took out a weapon. It amused the one-eyed frost wolf a lot.

“Do you think I’m not on your level?” Jackie’s tone was calm as always.

The one-eyed frost wolf’s mocking smile deepened.

The disdain in its eyes was incredibly obvious.

Jackie let out a slight laugh before nodding and said, “Then let’s try it out.”

“Is Jackie crazy? Is something wrong with his head? Why is he talking to the one-eyed frost wolf with this tone? It’s as if he’s the spring solidifying realm expert!” Rudy said with widened eyes.


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