No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2501

Those words were shoved right into Grayson’s face. Suddenly, he did not know what to say. Jackie no longer bothered sparing Grayson another glance as he walked toward the door of the vessel.

The other three were stunned, not knowing what Jackie was doing. They frowned as they stared at Jackie.

Rudy asked, “Jackie, what are you trying to do?”

Jackie did not answer Rudy. Instead, he took out a spirit crystal from the Mustard Seed very calmly before placing it into the array. When the three of them saw that scene, they had a flash of panic on their faces.

They suddenly understood what Jackie was trying to do.

Hansel looked up and shouted, “Are you trying to open the door? Have you gone mad”

Rudy shouted even louder, “Are you trying to die?! Is there something wrong with your head?!”

There was nothing wrong with Jackie’s mind.

He indeed wanted to open the door.

Hansel struggled to stand up from the ground as he bore with the pain of the wounds on his body opening up and grabbed Jackie’s arm.

He continued, “Why are you opening the door? Do you really want to die now?! Could it be that you didn’t manage to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal and you’re now at risk of exploding? Is that why you don’t even want to live anymore?”

From the moment Jackie insisted on absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal, Hansel had already assumed that Jackie would die.

The Scarlet Blood Crystal was no ordinary treasure. Absorbing it would definitely technique as support to explode.

That was why Hansel felt no greed at all after he saw the Scarlet Blood Crystal. Yet, he did not expect that Jackie would be ignorant and insist on absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal after he had made things so clear.

He had been waiting all along for Jackie’s body to explode, but it had not happened. Everything had happened too fast earlier, and he had not reacted to anything after Jackie suddenly started speaking again.

It was only when Jackie wanted to open the door that Hansel remembered that Jackie should have been injured after absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal!

Without the support of an incredibly strong technique, Jackie would absolutely be injured after absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal!

At Hansel’s words, Rudy and Grayson felt like Hansel was right. Jackie just wanted to kill everyone with him after suffering fatal injuries!

Rudy jumped up furiously and said, “Jackie! If you want to die, I can help you right now! I’ve always known you weren’t a good person, and now it looks like I’m right! Not only are you a bad person, but you’re also a madman as well. If you don’t want to live anymore, then go die yourself. Don’t drag me with you!”

Grayson emotionally shouted, “If you’ve been injured, then it’s your problem. We’d already given you advice, but you were the one who refused to listen. You insisted on absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal! Now you’re heavily injured, but you’re trying to drag us down with you! You’re too despicable!”

Jackie looked at those three helplessly. He glanced at Hansel’s hand which was on his arm. At that moment, Hansel looked pathetic. That guy was probably cursing all three of them in his heart.

After all, Grayson had just caused trouble, and Jackie was about to open the door. No one would be able to stand it. Jackie let out a slight laugh as he reached out and grabbed Hansel’s arm, pushing it aside before he placed his hand back on the array.


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