No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2500

Grayson used his true energy to attack the frost within his body as he shuddered. He did not know what to say. At that moment, he was in a terrified state.

Hansel pursed his lips in exasperation, “Whatever… you’re alchemists. You don’t have enough combat experience. You wouldn’t know when danger can happen at any time.

Grayson frowned after he heard that, saying obstinately, “We might be alchemists, but we’re fighters too. It’s not like we’ve never fought before.

“I just didn’t expect the wolf to be so patient. I did not expect it to keep hiding around and suddenly attack us like that…”

Hansel struggled to sit up straight and replied, “The one-eyed frost wolf is incredibly patient. Anyone it has its eyes on would have a hard time escaping. Wasn’t it all already explained to you? You don’t have to be so stubborn.

“We wanted to stop you earlier, but we just failed! You better remember this! If I hadn’t reacted so quickly, the consequences would have been dire. Don’t be so impulsive in the future, or you’ll definitely die. You’ll also drag others down with you!”

Hansel was quite angered. He had seen stubborn idiots in his own clan before, but it was the first time he had seen anyone like Grayson. Grayson was stubborn to think that his thoughts were right, and only followed his own ways.

Rudy coldly snorted, “Grayson, listen up. If you want to die, I won’t stop you, but don’t try to drag us along with you.

“Are you so eager to leave this place? Are you not planning to leave this place alive? You look like you’re looking for death!”

Rudy had slowly managed to compose himself and calm down. He glared at Grayson angrily. Rudy wanted nothing more than to rip Grayson to shreds at that moment.

“Are you really trying to drag us down with you?” At that moment, Jackie, who had quietly been absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal, suddenly opened his eyes and said coldly.

Jackie’s sudden words caused the other three presents to pause. They all looked over at Jackie. At that moment, Jackie’s eyes were open. There was still sweat on his forehead, but he seemed quite awake.

Grayson frowned as he said, “You’re not dead yet?”

Those words had been vicious. Jackie smiled coldly as he took out new clothes from the Mustard Seed and wiped away the sweat.

“How could I die before you?” After tidying himself up, Jackie kept the Scarlet BloodCrystal and slowly stood up.

Grayson had not retorted against Hansel and Rudy’s scoldings. After all, it was indeed his fault. However, Jackie actually started to lecture him after the two of them, which Grayson could not take.

At that moment, he had slowly started to chase away the cold in his body, and he felt a bit better.

He frowned and said, “Quit talking. You were just on the side not doing anything just now. This doesn’t affect you at all. You were even scared, so why are you lecturing me?!”

Jackie smiled coldly, “Don’t you think your words are very funny? You asked me why I’m lecturing you? Is it only the three of you in this vessel?

“If you really allowed that wolf in, would it only eat the three of you and spare me?”


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