No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2499

However, the door closed very quickly, and there was only a small gap left! The wolf did not get what it wanted.

The wolf huffed and growled. Its anger caused its speed to increase by several times, but it still did not manage to reach it before the door closed.

The vessel shook as the one-eyed frost wolf slammed into the vessel. The few of them inside the vessel swayed along with the vessel. The wolf had slammed onto the vessel very strongly that time, and the door even deformed as it rammed onto the door.

Thankfully, the vessel was of good quality. Even though the door was deformed, it still managed to shut! The moment the door shut, the three of them let out a sigh of relief.

No one expected that things would happen so quickly. The one-eyed frost wolf had been hiding in the area all along. It had been waiting for them to open the door before it started its attack.

First, it had unleashed its frost attack. It caused the person closest to the door to freeze, unable to react. After that, it rushed over and tried to enter the vessel.

Rudy slumped down on the ground. Hansel did not look happy either. He had been way too agitated earlier. He did not even blink as he used the wall as support to head toward Grayson.

His actions had reopened all his wounds. After calming himself down, he slumped on the ground in pain as he shuddered.

Rudy said after a long time, “That was so close! Any longer and the wolf would have managed to get in!”

It had to be said that combat experience proved useful when it mattered. If Hansel had not reacted the moment the frost shot in, the one-eyed frost wolf might have actually entered.

In the end, Grayson was far too useless. His strength was too weak, only being at the early stage of the innate level. When the frost shot in, he had no defense against it as he froze.

Rudy was also standing not too far away from him. The frost got to him and Rudy was rooted on the spot, not even able to move a finger.

If Hansel had not been far away and was unaffected by the frost, the three of them would have died!

Grayson circulated the true energy within his body, slowly pushing out the chill inside his body. His strength was too weak, and the frost had been shot out by the one-eyed frost wolf. Thankfully, the wolf had chosen speed to overpower for the attack.

That was why Grayson was still alive. If the wolf’s attack had been any stronger,

Grayson would have turned to ice and died on the spot.

Hansel frowned and said, “I told you not to be reckless earlier! If I hadn’t reacted fast enough, the three of us would have died!

“Do you think a spring solidifying realm beast would be stupid? Didn’t we say before that the wolf would not let us off so easily? He would continue staying nearby, are you really trying to die?”

Hansel was furious. If Grayson had not tried to act on his own, opening the door before the two of them reacted, they would not have gone through such a dangerous situation. It had even aggravated his injuries.


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