No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2498

He retrieved a spirit crystal from his spatial storage and placed it on the door. After that, he started to open the door while saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll immediately close the door the moment I notice anything wrong. I won’t let that wolf inside!”

Rudy was about to go crazy with anger. He never expected Grayson to be so stubborn. Hansel could only look on, unable to move due to his heavy injuries. Looking at the scene, he did not know what to do other than pant heavily.

With a click, the door opened again. A ray of light shot in from outside. Grayson stood on his tiptoes, anxiously looking around and everything outside.

It looked like it did before. Only birds and bugs could be heard in the quiet surroundings. The one-eyed frost wolf was gone! Did it really leave after waiting for too long? That was incredibly good news for them.

Then they would not need to waste any more time inside! Grayson could not hold back his smile after seeing all of that. He suddenly turned around to look at the three of them and shouted gleefully, “See! Are you finally going to listen to me? There’s nothing outside. We were just scaring ourselves. It’s so funny!”

Just as Grayson said that Hansel paled…

Hansel shouted out immediately, “Hurry up and shut the door!” The moment he said that a chill wind shot in. The chill was enough to freeze one’s soul.

Grayson was the first to get hit by the cold air, and his entire body froze. Rudy could even see the cold air Grayson was breathing out.

Right after that, the three of them saw a huge wolf jump out. Those blue eyes stared right at the three of them.

All three of them, including Hansel, were scared stiff at that moment. It was exactly like Jackie had said, the one-eyed frost wolf had been waiting outside to attack them the moment they opened the door.

After Grayson was attacked by the wind, he was frozen solid. He looked like an ice sculpture, not even his eyes could move.

Rudy was completely pale in fear. He shuddered by the side. And that moment, the one-eyed wolf leaped forward, shooting at the vessel like a cannonball.

As long as it got into the vessel, they were all basically dead. Hansel was a chosen disciple of the Seven Absolutes Pavilion, he had much more experience in combat than the other two.

At that moment, Hansel’s mind might be blank, but his body was still able to react. He struggled up the floor as fast as possible.

After that frost wind had hit Grayson, he rushed to Grayson’s side.

He had still not recovered at that moment, and the actions had opened up his wounds again. The pain caused his face to pale, but he clenched his teeth and bore with it.

He looked over to the array next to the door, using the last of his strength to retrieve a spirit crystal and place it on the array.

Thankfully, he knew how to use arrays like that. The runes lit up again and the door started to shut!

With a loud bang, the wolf’s body slammed onto the vessel. The one-eyed frost wolf was incredibly quick. Before the door could completely close, it had managed to reach the vessel.


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