No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2496

The power contained within the Scarlet Blood Crystal was far too violent. The power could only be suppressed by a strong enough technique. Otherwise, one would explode after absorbing it into their bodies.

The power was both domineering and filling. Even though Jackie was helped with the Divine Void Heavenly Path, he did not dare to be too careless. Slowly, he absorbed the energy from the Scarlet Blood Crystal into his body.

Time slowly ticked away. At noon on the second day, Jackie had completely absorbed the energy of the Scarlet Blood Crystal. At that moment, his face was pale as sweat slowly dripped down from his forehead.

The day before, Grayson and Rudy had been injured by Jackie. The two of them became completely obedient after knowing that Jackie was not to be messed with.

As time passed, the two of them noticed that Jackie’s condition was worsening more and more. Beads after beads of sweat dripped down from Jackie’s forehead. At that moment, he looked like he was in an incredibly difficult position. The worse Jackie’s condition was, the happier the two of them were.

After all, they had just been taught a harsh lesson by Jackie. The lesson did prove its worth. Even though they were happy at Jackie’s suffering, they no longer tried to cause Jackie any trouble.

That was precisely what Jackie had wanted. He just wanted to quietly absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal without any interruptions. Time ticked away second by second. Another day had passed with Jackie submerged in his own world, constantly absorbing the power of the Scarlet Blood Crystal.

Rudy constantly fanned the flames next to him, “We told him not to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal without an ultimate god level technique. He refused to listen. Just look at him, he’ll probably explode in just a few more hours.

“So what if he’s strong? He’s just gonna die in the end. We should go further away from him. What if his blood splatters all over us when he explodes? That would be so disgusting.”

When Grayson heard that, he nodded as he sat further away, shooting a hateful glance at Jackie.

He snorted as he said, “Jackie is very talented, but there’s really something wrong with his head. Everything was so clearly explained, but he refused to listen. He insisted on using his life to prove that what he said was real.

“Let him die if he wants to. He even wasted the Scarlet Blood Crystal. The Scarlet BloodCrystal would probably have been worth a few eighth-grade medicines if we sold it outside!”

Hearing that, Rudy felt a pain in his heart. He said with a conflicted look, “We really were dragged down by this guy. I hate this, but he’s so strong, there’s no way for us to…”

The more the two of them thought about it, the more aggrieved they felt, and the worse their mood became. Yet, they had no solution to it. If they forced Jackie to stop absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal, Jackie might just kill the both of them in the frenzy. That was something they could do nothing about.

After another half a day, Grayson lost his patience. He stood up abruptly as he faced the vessel’s door.

“We can’t just keep waiting anymore! It’s already been two days. I refuse to believe that the one-eyed frost wolf is still waiting outside!”

He did not want to spend another second in Grand Yorn Mountain. There are so many dangers around here. Each second represented another chance at danger. He just wanted to hurry up and leave that forsaken place. He wanted to find somewhere with a lot of humans to get to a transporter. He wanted to return to the Rosefinch Pavilion and never leave again.


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