No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2495

Waves of pain were felt on their chests. It was after Jackie had shown them mercy by not using that much of his power. If Jackie was ruthless, the two of them would already be dead!

The two of them flew toward the east of the vessel after being hit by Jackie. They slammed right onto the eastern side of the vessel with a bang.

Right after that, they fell to the ground. The two of them lay on the ground after being beaten up, feeling dizzy in their heads.

When Hansel looked at that scene, he suddenly turned around to look at Jackie curiously. Due to Jackie’s internal damage, Hansel had been unable to see what level Jackie was actually at.

He had thought that Jackie would be at around the same level as the other two, but Jackie had actually proven to be stronger.

With just a casual wave, Jackie had managed to completely defeat Rudy and Grayson, sending them flying so pathetically.

Rudy clutched his chest as he wailed, “What is this?! Why is this so painful?! Jackie, what kind of attack did you use just now? Why do I feel like hundreds of ants are biting my chest?!”

Rudy’s whole body was trembling in pain. He was rolling around on the floor frantically. Ever since he started to show exceptional talent in alchemy, he had never suffered any pain.

Even though he had never felt that kind of pain before, the pain caused his nerves to tense profoundly. The pain he felt was so strong that he was on the brink of collapsing.

Grayson’s state was just the same, if not worse, than Rudy’s. He was panting in pain. His whole body shook and his face was pale. It was as if he would stop breathing at any moment.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. It seemed like Grayson’s tolerance for pain was a little weaker than Rudy’s. He had used Destroying the Void to attack the both of them and Destroying the Void had always been a spiritual attack.

Even though it had been drastically weakened, it still managed to hurt their souls. Damage to the soul was the hardest thing to withstand. It was not like physical pain that would go numb after a certain level.

Spiritual pain was different, the more pain was felt, the more awake the person would be.

Facing those two insignificant guys, Jackie did not use that much strength at all. He merely attacked to shut the two of them up. They had been far too annoying.

Jackie let out a cold laugh as he looked at the two of them rolling on the floor, “I have already told the two of you, shut your mouth and nothing will happen.

“You both insisted on causing me trouble. Let me warn you guys, if you interrupt me again, it won’t have the same ending as today.”

After finishing those words, Jackie no longer bothered with the two of them. He shut his eyes and started to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal.

When Jackie felt the power of the Scarlet Blood Crystal seeping into him, Jackie could finally understand why Hansel had said that the power within the crystal could not be absorbed without the help of a strong technique.


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