No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2494

Grayson and Rudy were both looking at the scene. It stunned the two of them. They had thought that Jackie had just been trying to show off with those hilarious words, but Jackie had actually been serious.

He really was starting to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal.

Rudy could no longer just sit and watch. He immediately stood up and shouted at Jackie with widened eyes, “Are you really crazy?! We’ve already said it. Unless it’s an ultimate god rank technique, you won’t be able to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal. You will just explode and die if you absorb it now, you’ll also ruin the crystal and the crystal’s value will be lost. You won’t just be dragging yourself down, you’ll drag us down too!”

Jackie frowned, feeling incredibly disgusted by that person. Rudy was only trying to stop him because he wanted to sell the crystal eventually.

Grayson stood up as well. Since they were on the same boat, the two of them started to target Jackie.

Hansel frowned, wanting to help Jackie say something. After all, he did like Jackie a little, but he decided to shut his mouth after some thought. He was still in a weakened state, if he decided to pick a side, he might end up offending all of them.

Grayson rushed over to Jackie as he said seriously, “I know you’re stronger than both of us, but you can’t just do anything you want because of that. The Scarlet Blood Crystal belongs to the three of us, you can’t just use it up yourself!”

Rudy stood behind Grayson like a bodyguard.

He looked down at Jackie with righteous fury, “You won’t just be going against your integrity by doing so, you’ll go against morals as well! Why are you allowed to just absorb it alone?! If you do so, all the consequences, good or bad, would be yours alone.

“The value of the crystal will be gone. Are you just going to throw the spirit crystals we could exchange with this crystal?! We can’t let you do that!”

Jackie looked up at the two of them coldly. He had already held back for a very long time. If he did not teach them a lesson, it would end up getting to their heads.

Time was incredibly valuable at that moment. He could not afford to waste it on the two of them. Jackie raised his hands as grey energy condensed in his palm. His full focus had been on alchemy in the most recent times, but it did not mean that his skills had slipped. Jackie was still a late stage innate realm fighter. He was only a sliver away from the spring solidifying realm.

Destroying the Void, an upper-ultimate god rank technique, was already at the second stage. No matter how you looked at it, he was far stronger.

Rudy frowned and said, “Why are you looking at me with that expression? Are you trying to attack us?”

The moment he said that, Rudy saw Jackie pushing his right hand in that direction. After that, the grey energy shot out from Jackie’s palm.

The two of them never expected that Jackie would actually attack them. Yet, it was already too late for them to react. After all, Rudy and Grayson were not fighters. They only managed to get to their positions all thanks to alchemy.

Without alchemy, they would only be runner disciples in their respective clans. Their battle skills were a mess. By the time they realized something was wrong, they were already sent flying by Jackie.


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