No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2493

After Grayson had his fill of laughter, he cleared his throat and said, “If you really know an ultimate god rank technique, then this Scarlet Blood Crystal is yours. The two of us won’t fight over it with you!”

As he said those words, Grayson had a look of disdain on his face. In his heart, even if Jackie was going to be beaten to death, Jackie would not be able to learn an ultimate god rank technique.

Jackie let out a sigh as he shook his head slowly, “What I’m learning shouldn’t be an ultimate god rank technique.”

Jackie was sure of the fact. The technique he learned was at the top of the Divine Void World. He did not know what rank the Divine Void Heavenly Path could possibly be.

After all, a first-grade world was incredibly different from a third-grade world. He

could not determine what rank the Divine Void Heavenly Path was. However, he was sure that the Divine Void Heavenly Path was several times better than ultimate god rank techniques.

Looking at Jackie shaking his head earnestly, Grayson and Rudy could no longer hold back from laughing loudly. They looked at Jackie as if he was an idiot as they laughed clutching their stomachs.

“You’re not able to pretend anymore? You were bragging so much earlier. If you don’t have an ultimate god rank technique, then why are you still holding onto the Scarlet Blood Crystal? Are you planning on swallowing it? Do you think that swallowing it will help you absorb it?”

Jackie looked on as the two of them laughed and mocked him. He sighed helplessly. Jackie had encountered quite a few of those types of people. They would find an excuse to laugh at him.

Jackie said seriously, “The technique I have isn’t an ultimate god rank technique, but I can still absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal.”

As Jackie spoke, he once again brought the crystal up in front of his eyes and carefully observed it. He did not bother looking at Grayson and Rudy laughing, nor did he care about what the other three would think after his words.

He once again put all his focus on the Scarlet Blood Crystal. He never expected the crystal to actually be so valuable. There were so many benefits to be gained after absorbing it. No wonder that earlier group seemed so strong.

The higher the strength of a person, the easier it would be for someone to learn a high-level technique. That was a firm truth. It was because a stronger person would naturally understand the ways of the world, and it would be easier to master the techniques.

The group of people was trying to steal the Scarlet Blood Crystal probably because among them there were people with ultimate god rank techniques who are able to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal.

For those of them who were younger,absorbing a Scarlet Blood Crystal was something they could not even hope for.

When Hansel saw that Jackie was ignoring the others and focusing on the Scarlet Blood Crystal, he could not help but be curious. He felt like Jackie was getting more and more mysterious.

He took a deep breath as he said seriously, “Jackie, are you confident you can absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow before nodding slowly, “I will absorb it.”

After saying that, he did not wait for the others to react. He stood up before he found a corner. He sat down cross-legged as he placed the crystal on his palm, starting to absorb it.


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