No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2492

Rudy waved it off and said, “It looks like I’m just unlucky, but we should be able to make a lot of money if we sell this.”

At those words, Jackie let out a cold smile, “Do you think this belongs to you?”

Rudy got goosebumps at those words. Even though Jackie did not do anything to him, Jackie once again sent out his aura to push Rudy down.

Rudy’s face reddened in anger and replied, “You’re going over the line! The Scarlet Blood Crystal was thrown inside by the two deacons before they died. It should belong to the three of us. Are you planning on taking it for yourself?”

Jackie let out a smile after hearing such a laughable statement, “If you don’t give this to me, we’ll never be able to leave this place. We’ll only be able to leave this place alive if I absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal…”

Jackie’s words were successfully stunned. everyone present. Grayson and Rudy widened their eyes, looking at Jackie with a strange expression. They did not understand what Jackie meant.

Hansel pursed his lips, “Jackie, are you planning on absorbing the Scarlet Blood. Crystal?”

Hansel had given such a detailed explanation to tell that group that they did not have the talent to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal. He had wanted them to discard that crazy thought.

Rudy looked at Jackie speechlessly. The words that Hansel had said were not incredibly clear, but Rudy still understood what Hansel wanted to convey to them.

Rudy felt like Hansel’s words had already been clear enough. Unless there was something wrong with their heads, they would definitely be able to understand.

Rudy had glanced at Grayson earlier. Looking at Grayson’s expression, Rudy knew that Grayson had got it too.

Since the two of them understood, Jackie should have no trouble understanding. Yet, he still said something so absurd. Even if he was confident in himself, it was far too dumb.

Rudy coldly snorted as he said, “Jackie, are you purposely acting like you didn’t hear or didn’t understand what we said earlier? Maybe you think that we’d look at you in a better light if you do that?

“Even Hansel isn’t able to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal, so how could you? Are you trying to say the technique you have is even higher ranked than Hansel’s?”

Rudy could not hide the mockery in his tone as he said that. He looked at Jackie as if he was looking at a complete idiot.

Grayson laughed, “You should stop trying to explain it to him. He probably doesn’t even know what kind of a disciple Hansel is in the Seven Absolutes Pavilion. It’s fine that you can’t tell, let me tell you.

“Hansel is a chosen disciple in the Seven Absolutes Pavilion. Anyone who can become one is definitely no ordinary person. The techniques they have are all Earth rank techniques.

“Hansel said earlier that only an ultimate god rank technique would be able to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal. Are you trying to say you have such a skill?!”

After saying that, Grayson could no longer hold back as he started to laugh uproariously. The sound was incredibly sharp, and everyone felt uncomfortable just listening to it. Jackie merely looked at the two of them quietly. He did not say anything about the laughter and mockery from the two of them.


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