No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2491

Hansel did not care about how Rudy was feeling. He continued to ask, “To absorb this Scarlet Blood Crystal will require an incredibly strong technique to go with it. The technique I’m currently using is not enough to help me absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal at all.”

After Hansel said that, his face was full of regret. After all, the Scarlet Blood Crystal was a treasure that he had only seen in ancient records before.

Absorbing the Scarlet Blood Crystal would cleanse one’s marrows, improving their strength. It could even help break through any bottlenecks, helping one leap into the next realm. For regular martial artists, it was something incredibly valuable.

After Grayson heard Hansel’s words, he could not help but be full of disbelief. He frowned as he said earnestly, “You’re a disciple from a fifth-grade clan. With your skills, you’re definitely at least a chosen disciple within the clan. It should be incredibly easy for you to learn any high level techniques.

“If the high-level techniques you have can’t help you absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal, who could possibly be able to do it?”

Grayson earnestly asked the question that was on his mind. He could not understand why a high-level technique was needed to absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal. Did that crystal have anything to do with techniques?

He wondered if the guy in front of him had ill intentions, and was using some nonsense to lie to him. Grayson felt like that was incredibly possible. Even though the guy looked like an honest person, it was hard to read the human heart.

He might have developed sinister

intentions after seeing how valuable the Scarlet Blood Crystal was. He might be trying to trick them so he could get the crystal for himself.

Probably because Grayson’s expressions were far too obvious, Hansel could immediately tell what Grayson was thinking. He helplessly pursed his lips.

“I’m not lying to you. I really can’t absorb the Scarlet Blood Crystal. The technique I’m learning is a middle-stage Earth technique. Only ultimate god-level techniques can manage to absorb these crystals. Furthermore, the requirements are incredibly strict.

“Only masters among masters have the ability to absorb the power in the Scarlet Blood Crystals. The Scarlet Blood Crystal can increase a person’s power, but that’s the secondary purpose. Its main function is to cleanse a person’s marrows, increasing the quality of their training.”Even though Hansel’s explanation was very detailed, Grayson did not believe it. Hansel was beginning to feel exasperated, so he decided to shut his mouth and stop talking.

After all, he did not have any intentions to get his hands on the Scarlet Blood Crystal as he knew he did not have the ability to absorb it.

Even if he had any way to get it, he would not be able to handle the Scarlet Blood Crystal and it would merely attract the attention of others and bring him even more trouble.

After hearing Hansel’s explanation, Jackie’s eyes shone brightly. He started to measure the crystal in his hand earnestly as he looked at the crystal again and again.

The others merely felt like Jackie was feeling conflicted after the explanation. It was such a valuable and amazing treasure, but no one could absorb it.


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