No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2490

“What’s in your hand?” At that moment, Hansel suddenly said as he looked at Jackie’s left hand.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the red-colored crystal in his left hand. He opened up his palm and showed the crystal to Hansel. Before he knew what exactly the crystal did, he did not plan on hiding it.

After all, the other two had also seen the crystal. They even wanted it for themselves. When Jackie revealed the crystal, Hansel frowned as he looked at the crystal in Jackie’s palm in earnest.

After looking at it for a while, he suddenly looked up at Jackie and exclaimed, “You actually have a Scarlet Blood Crystal!”

The words echoed in Jackie’s mind. It shocked Jackie a little, but he was mostly just confused. What was a Scarlet Blood Crystal? Why had he never heard of it?

What could the Scarlet Blood Crystal be used for? After noticing that Hansel knew what that thing was, Jackie could not help but feel excited. Yet, the alarm in his heart did not disappear.

He was worried that Hansel would not tell him the truth despite knowing what it was. He was worried that Hansel would try to steal the crystal from him, but the next few words caused Jackie to relax.

Hansel frowned as he spat out, “This thing is incredibly valuable. Normally, people would never be able to see one. I’ve only seen one in ancient texts before.

“I can’t believe I get to see one for myself. However, the crystal is mighty amazing, it’s not something a normal person could use. Even I have no way of absorbing it.”

Those words were incredibly informative, causing Jackie to straighten his body. The Scarlet Blood Crystal still looked the same,but Jackie seemed to feel sudden warm energy within the crystal.

Hansel’s explanation seemed like a bucket of cold water to Grayson and Rudy. They had wanted the Scarlet Blood Crystal as well, especially after Hansel said it was valuable.

The next words caused the two of them to stop again. Rudy said, “Tell us clearly. Why can’t a normal person use it? Why can’t you use it? Does a natural treasure require the rights to absorb it?”

Rudy’s words caused Hansel to laugh. He helplessly pursed his lips as he looked at Rudy earnestly. He frowned and thought about it, and felt Rudy’s question was absurd.

After all, Rudy was only in the early innate stage. That amount of talent would only be able to barely qualify him to be a runner disciple in the Seven Absolutes Pavillion. He would never get to become an outer disciple.

People like that would naturally know very little, but Rudy was still his savior, so he had to treat him politely.

He took a deep breath as he explained sincerely, “Absorbing natural treasures obviously require qualifications. Those without the skill or the talent might end up exploding if they absorb too much energy.

“Clueless folk would just absorb any treasures they got without regard for anything to increase their powers. It would merely end up in disaster.”

The words caused Rudy to turn red in embarrassment.

Even though Hansel was not mocking Rudy at all, it still caused Rudy to feel like he was too clueless.


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