No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2489

Hansel did not feel that he had done anything wrong. Fiends and humans were natural enemies anyway.

Grayson frowned, “Do you think the one-eyed wolf has left already?”

The question caused the thrilling atmosphere earlier to temporarily calm down. No one could answer Grayson’s question. Even after a long time, no one spoke.

Grayson was forced to say himself, “I feel like he’s already left. We should be able to go out now. Even though the wolf is vengeful of Hansel for eating its Crimson Blood Fruit, doesn’t mean it will stay waiting outside. We’ve been in here so long without any movements, so surely it’s already left…”

The moment he finished saying that, he glanced at Jackie. Jackie’s lips twitched in

exasperation, not knowing what to say.

Jackie had clearly said earlier that the one-eyed wolf was still a wolf at the end of the day.

Wolves were naturally patient hunters. As long as a wolf had its eyes on something, it would stop at nothing to get it.

Grayson had clearly heard what he had said earlier, but still asked that question. He was just incredibly curious if the wolf had left or not.

Jackie frowned and said, “We can’t see what’s happening outside at all. If you want to open the vessel right now, then you’ll be putting all of us in danger. If you want to die, then go ahead. I don’t want to throw myself into danger because of you.”

Rudy nodded slightly, agreeing with what Jackie said, but not adding to it.

Grayson’s face reddened in anger at those words. He frantically struggled to stand up.

“I know you have always had your own opinion, but I don’t believe that everything will happen just as you said. I’ll go out right now to see if that wolf is gone or not!”

Jackie looked up strangely at Grayson abruptly. He felt like Grayson was like a wild cow that could not be held back. Jackie refused to believe that Grayson really was as much an unreasonable idiot as he seemed.

Yet, Grayson insisted on checking the situation outside. Jackie took a deep breath and said, “What exactly do you want? Are you really not afraid that the wolf will bite onto your neck and drag you out the moment you open the door?”

Grayson seemed a little emotional, but he waved around and said, “Then are we supposed to just wait around? Both of us know how dangerous this place is. If we continued to wait, no one knows what would happen. I don’t want to think about anything at this moment. I just want to leave as soon as possible!”

After saying that, Grayson slumped to the ground like he had used up all his strength. His mood was very complicated. The more terrified he was of the place, the more he wanted to leave.

Before, he had complicated feelings about Grand Yorn Mountain. After all, Grand Yorn Mountain contained the most fiends in all of Hestia Continent. It was also a famous place. Yet, the moment they arrived there, he realized how small he was.

His future was incredibly bright, so he did not want to die there. He did not want to end up being lunch to a certain beast. That was far too cruel for him. It was too much for him to accept.


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