No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2488

Those words sent Rudy’s temper boiling. He said angrily, “What do you mean by that, Jackie?! Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because I let you off earlier!”

Jackie let out a cold laugh. What did he mean by letting Jackie off? Rudy had obviously just cowered under Jackie’s strength. Jackie could not be bothered to answer and turned to look at Hansel.

He asked, “How did you end up in conflict with that one-eyed frost wolf?”

Jackie’s question was straight to the point. He could also find out how honest Hansel was from the answer. It depended on what Hansel would hide for them.

After all, even though the three of them had saved Hansel, it was impossible to know if that person would repay his debts. Jackie was nowhere near as gullible and naive as Rudy

and Grayson, easily believing someone.

Jackie’s question caused Hansel to fall silent for a few breaths. The color on his face had recovered quite a bit, and he was no longer bleeding from his wounds.

He took a deep breath before saying, “I stole the Crimson Blood Fruit that it had been guarding. The wolf had been out hunting and I happened to pass by its cave.

“I was already injured then, and the Crimson Blood Fruit is a rare recovery medicine, so I plucked it and ate it.

“I didn’t expect the wolf to return so quickly. It saw me putting the fruit into my mouth which angered it. Thankfully, I have some skills myself, or I would have been ripped apart on the spot.”

Thinking about the scene back then, Hansel felt a wave of fear. If he had not frantically used all his skills to run away, he might already be inside the mouth of that wolf.

When he noticed the fruit, he already expected that there would be a fiend guarding it.

However, in order to speed up his recovery, he threw those thoughts away as he stuffed the Crimson Blood Fruit into his mouth.

The Crimson Blood Fruit was very good for recovery. After eating it, he immediately felt a lot better. Yet, it brought him an even greater disaster. When the wolf saw him eating the fruit with its own eyes, it immediately went crazy.

Hansel pursed his lips helplessly, “That Crimson Blood Fruit looks like it’s already quite mature. That wolf must have guarded it for many years and was probably planning on eating it to break through to a new level. Yet, I ate it before the wolf could…”

Hearing his explanation, Jackie calmed down. If Hansel had tried to avoid the topic and made up something like him meeting the wolf by coincidence, Jackie would have definitely questioned Hansel’s character.

After all, he had personally seen how crazed the one-eyed wolf looked when it was pursuing Hansel.

Even if fiends were the natural enemy of humans, they would not be so crazed.

“No wonder that one-eyed frost wolf looked so angered when it saw us bringing you in. You actually ate the fruit it had been guarding for such a long time…” Rudy said with a raised eyebrow.

Hansel shook his head helplessly, “I don’t know what else to say. Spiritual objects belong to no one. The Crimson Blood Fruit had no owner in the first place, whoever has it first owns it.

“Even though the wolf protected it for so many years, it did not mean it owned the Crimson Blood Fruit. There’s nothing wrong with me eating it.”


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