No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2487

Even if he wanted to be repaid, he should not have made it sound so obvious. However, even if Jackie wanted to save the situation, it was already too late. He could not believe Hansel was already in the spring solidifying realm.

Furthermore, he was also the disciple of a fifth-grade clan. That meant he could probably be a chosen disciple in the Seven Absolutes Pavilion, so Jackie wondered how he had been forced into Grand Yorn a Mountain.

Hansel said earnestly, “I know how to get out. As long as I’ve recovered, I’ll bring you out.

“This area isn’t as dangerous as other places, but it’s not that safe as well. As long as we’re careful, it shouldn’t be too hard to get out.”

Hansel’s words gave Grayson and Rudy a lot of hope. Their pale faces suddenly regained some color. Their earlier hopelessness had disappeared as they once again found the confidence to survive,

However, Grayson found something puzzling that made him suspicious. “If you’re already at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm, how were you beaten to such a state by the one-eyed frost wolf? Even if you can’t beat it, you should have been able to run away.”

Hansel seemed to have thought of something. His gusto suddenly disappeared as his eyes reddened with a wry smile.

“I only met that one-eyed frost wolf after being heavily injured. My injuries were mostly caused by the wolf, but it’s also because someone else had injure me before I met the wolf

“If you hadn’t saved me, I would already be in the stomach of that wolf. Thank you all so much.”

With that, Hansel saluted them in thanks again. Rudy was even more curious when he heard those words. Hansel had only fallen to this fate after being injured by someone, so who was the one who had injured him?

No matter how dumb Rudy was, he could guess that Hansel was someone quite high up in the Seven Absolutes Pavilion. If he had that status, he should be a respected individual. He should not have that many enemies.

Rudy hurriedly asked, “Who was the one who injured you to this degree?”

Hansel answered with a dark look on his face, “It’s my junior. He set up a trap for me. I had seen him as a close friend, so I didn’t doubt him that much. That’s how I ended up in this state.”

After saying that, he slowly shut his eyes, not willing to continue on the topic. Just those few words managed to explain everything. The internal affairs of clans were often that intense.

Rudy continued, “How did your junior end up holding a grudge against you? What sort of trap did he set for you?”

Hansel frowned and said, “I think we should focus on how we should leave this place.”

Hansel’s words clearly conveyed the fact that he did not want to dwell on the topic any longer, but Rudy seemed to not understand at all and continued with his questions.

He seemed insistent on getting to the root of everything. His actions caused Hansel to frown, and Jackie was forced to pull Rudy back in exasperation.

“Can you please shut up? Why do you keep insisting on prying into his problems? What’s the point of knowing?”


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