No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2486

It was the most famous gathering spot for fiends in the whole of Hestia Continent. It was also a battlefield between humans and fiends. Humans regularly come to Grand Yorn Canyon to slaughter fiends.

Fiends would also hunt for humans there, and death was a regular occurrence.

Jackie helplessly reminded them, “Grand Yorn Mountain isn’t a place for us to go sightseeing. It’s not famous for its scenery.

“It’s famous for being a gathering spot for many high-level fiends. We can’t even beat a one-eyed frost wolf, so how could you be so excited…”

Hansel let out a slight cough as he nodded in agreement, “Jackie’s right. Grand Yorn Mountain isn’t somewhere we can stay idle in. There’s danger everywhere. I was forced to, or I wouldn’t have rushed in here.”

His words successfully stunned Jackie. Jackie hurriedly asked, “What do you mean by that? Is this the inner region of Grand Yorn Mountain?”

As Jackie asked, he grew so anxious that his heart almost jumped out of his throat. If they really were in the inner regions of Grand Yorn Mountain, then it would be incredibly difficult for them to get out.

Hansel immediately shook his head and said, “It’s not the inner area. If we were in the inner area, we would not even be alive anymore. This is somewhere between the border and the outer regions. Most of the fiends here are at the spring solidifying realm.”

With his explanation, Jackie immediately understood where they were. He also understood how terrifying Grand Yorn Mountain was. Even the area between the border and the outer region was filled with spring solidifying realm beasts, so how horrifying would the ones living in the inner areas be?

Even an elder of a fifth-grade clan would probably not dare to venture into the inner regions casually.

Rudy asked, “If it’s so dangerous here, why are you here?”

The question caused Hansel to let out a long sigh. It seemed like it was something he did not want to bring up. Yet, there was nothing to hide, so he helplessly said, “I was forced here by someone. If I hadn’t been forced in here, I would never have come.”

Jackie frowned as he asked, “Could I know how strong you are?”

Hansel answered incredibly earnestly, “I’m at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm.”

That answer successfully stunned Grayson and Rudy. The spring solidifying realm was already the final goal for the two of them. After all, the two of them were far too weak.Without the help of pills, they would never be able to step into the spring solidifying realm.

Only by getting to that level would they be able to have enough power for alchemy. Before, they had planned on reaching the spring solidifying realm as well, but had thought that they would need a very long time.

Yet, such a young person was already at that level. He was obviously a master within his clan which filled the two of them with admiration and respect.

Rudy excitedly said, “Since you’re already at the spring solidifying realm, does that mean you’ll be able to bring us out after you’ve recovered?

“Don’t forget, the three of us saved you. If we weren’t here, you would have been swallowed alive by that wolf.”

Hearing that, Hansel nodded earnestly, indicating that he would repay them. Yet, Jackie pursed his lips helplessly.

Rudy really did not think things through before speaking .


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