No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2485

Rudy had just inadvertently spilled to the white-robed that they were lost. They did not even know where they were!

The white-robed man looked at them in surprise.

He let out a few coughs before introducing himself, “My name is Hansel Brown, and I’m a disciple of Seven Absolutes Pavilion.”

Right after Hansel Brown introduced himself, Rudy straightened his body abruptly. “Seven Absolutes Pavilion, you say? Are you saying we’re in the Seven Absolutes Pavilion’s territory right now? Where is this place? Why have I never heard of such a large forest in Seven Absolutes Pavilion?”

Hansel looked over at Rudy even more meaningfully.

Jackie, on the other hand, was speechless, truly wondering if Rudy had suffered from an irreparable damage to the brain. Otherwise, Rudy would not have exposed so much about himself.

Hansel seemed to be quite smart. Even though he had a curious look in his eyes, it did not show in his expression. He was even holding himself back a little, which raised Jackie’s red flags against Hansel.

Hansel seemed to be someone who would not be easy to deal with. Jackie wondered what level his strength was at.

Hansel answered, “This is Grand Yorn Mountain.”

Those words answered everyone’s question. Even though Jackie had been in West Cercie State before, he had still taken the time to understand some things about Middle Province.

He did not have a deep impression of some of the places, but Grand Yorn Mountaindefinitely rang a bell. Grand Yorn Mountain was very famous in Middle Province because it was the largest mountain range in all of Middle Province.

It was called a mountain, but it actually took up an incredibly large area. Grand Yorn Mountain included the large forests around it, as well as the unending mountain range. It took up a fifth of Middle Province’s land area.

It stood on the western side of Middle Province. A little east of it was a fifth-grade clan called Seven Absolutes Pavilion. With Hansel’s explanation, Jackie and the others immediately understood.

They were actually not too far away from Rosefinch Pavilion.

The Rosefinch Pavilion was closer toward the south.

There was another clan between it and Seven Absolutes Pavilion. It would not take that much time to get back to the Rosefinch Pavilion.

After being sure of their location, the three of them let out a sigh of relief

Grayson then said, albeit somewhat excitedly, “I’ve seen Grand Yorn Mountain in books so many times. Grand Yorn Mountain is a famous gathering spot for fiends! Rumor has it there are many top tier fiends in Grand Yorn Mountain, and some of them have even attained a human form!”

Hearing that, Rudy started to get excited as well. His eyes glinted as he said, “I’ve also heard about it a lot. There are numerous fiends that have already attained a human form living within Grand Yorn Mountain!”

Grayson nodded earnestly. “Me too. I thought that I’d never come to this famous mountain in my lifetime. I can’t believe this accident allowed me to see what it looks like…”

Jackie, meanwhile, said nothing.

All he could do was stand by speechlessly at their unreserved words. However, it was quite reasonable for the two of them to be so excited. After all, Grand Yorn Mountain was an extraordinary place.


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