No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2484

After all, in terms of his martial prowess in Rosefinch Pavilion, he was just a runner disciple.

Thinking of this, Grayson suddenly looked like a deflated ball. His face soured and no longer dared to argue.

Rudy, despite not facing Jackie’s domineering aura, could still feel its might.

At that moment, he realized that he no longer had his status to fall back on either. He could only rely on his skills to go against Jackie, but he seemed to be no match for Jackie.

If a fight truly broke out among them, Rudy might ally himself with Grayson, but Grayson might turn against him.

It was hard to know what anyone was thinking, so Rudy suddenly did not dare to do anything.

With just a look at the two, Jackie knew he had rendered them frightened.

He then ignored them both and resumed his focus on the red crystal.

He planned on experimenting with it to see if he could use the crystal to increase his strength.

Without any help from the outside, he was blindly training, so he did not know when he could break into the spring solidifying realm.

At that moment, a string of coughs was heard from beside him.

Jackie hurriedly turned his head to see that white-robed man having a coughing fit as his body shook. The pupils under his eyelids started to move, looking like he was about to wake up.

The three of them went straight next to him. They stood in a direction each, surrounding him. After taking about five or six breaths, the man slowly started to open his tired eyes.

After a few intense breaths, Jackie frowned and asked, “Do you want some water?”

Even though Jackie worked hard to speak in a calm tone, his voice still shocked the whiterobed man. The man stiffened as he looked up. “You are…?”

It was obvious that this man had yet to regain his bearings. After a while, he finally remembered what had happened before he passed out. Rudy helped him up the floor.

His injuries were quite severe. The three of them had been arguing earlier about what they would do next. Other than complaining that the white-robed man was a burden, they had not done anything for him.

At that moment, the man’s wounds had yet to recover. Blood flowed out of his wounds, staining his clothes red. Jackie helplessly sighed, taking out some medicine from his storage ring.

“Let’s get you patched up. You’ll have to brace yourself for the pain, though.”

Before the man woke up, Rudy and Grayson looked at him as if he had killed their parents. All of a sudden, the two of them seemed incredibly obedient after he regained consciousness, not saying a word.

Jackie wanted to patch up the man’s wounds, and the two of them even helped.

They looked strangely together. It caused Jackie to be rendered speechless, but he said nothing of it.

After a long time, the three of them finally handled the man’s injuries. The whiterobed man took out a few internal pills from his own storage space to suppress his wounds.

After a long time, he could finally converse with the three of them.

Rudy hurriedly asked, “Who are you? Where are we right now? How did you provoke that one-eyed frost wolf?”

Rudy’s words rendered Jackie speechless.

Under this situation, they should have tried their best to reveal as little as possible. Rudy must have had something clogging his brain for him to ask where this place was right off the bat.


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