No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2483

As long as he could manage a few exchanges with the one-eyed frost wolf, then Jackie would have a chance to escape.

The idea flashed in his head when he suddenly remembered something. He could not help but look over at the unconscious man on the floor.

Just a meter away from the man was a red colored crystal, lying quietly.

That crystal was precisely the one that had been thrown into the vessel during the first assault against the vessel in an ambush.

Considering the situation at that moment, the small red-colored crystal was no ordinary rock. Jackie could not help but hurry over to the red crystal, taking it into his palm.

The crystal seemed to have energy flowing within it, but he did not know what it was used for. “Why are you holding that crystal?” said Rudy carefully.

Even a fool could tell that the crystal might be something of immense value, and Jackie seemed like he would claim it for himself, which Rudy did not want to happen.

After all, the crystal had been thrown at the three of them, so he had a right to the crystal as well.

Jackie immediately understood what Rudy’s thoughts were.

He snorted at the thought, not even glancing at Rudy and instead focusing on the crystal.

He used his hand to rub the red crystal before zeroing his entire senses into analyzing the crystal.

After a few detailed searches, he did not notice anything at all and was still clueless as to what it was for.

This crystal must be something amazing and valuable, but he didn’t know what it could be used for.

“Jackie, what are you thinking of doing?!” Grayson suddenly said.

Rudy followed closely, “The crystal should belong to the three of us. Don’t even think about claiming it for yourself.”

Jackie coldly snorted, ignoring both Rudy and Grayson.

If the two of them thought that they could take him on, Jackie would wipe them out with one hand.

He looked up at Grayson. “Come get it if you have the skills to.”

Jackie’s comment successfully struck a nerve for Grayson, and Grayson’s face reddened as he stormed toward Jackie, who merely chuckled.

“What’s wrong? Are you trying to fight me? Just with your skills?”

Jackie’s words were filled with the aura of a powerful individual, and it made Grayson step back a few.

Jackie’s strength was two realms higher than Grayson’s; Grayson just could not truly assess Jackie’s strength at the moment.

With just his aura, however, Grayson could feel that Jackie was much stronger than he was. This, in turn, made Grayson realize that they were not in Rosefinch Pavilion nor the Alchemist Alliance.

They were in the wilderness.

Fists ruled everything here, and he did not have a special status. To Jackie, Grayson was merely a weakling. If he truly took arms against Jackie, things would not end well for him.


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