No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2482

It was definitely not good news for them if that unhinged one-eyed frost wolf stayed outside and did not leave.

It meant that they would not be able to head out for the time being

The longer they stayed, the worse it would be for them.

They had just been planning a way to escape before the whole mess occurred but were already faced with such an obstacle.

A fiend that was already at the spring solidifying realm was an existence they could not defeat.

They were in for a total nightmare if that fiend continued to wait for them right outside the vessel.

Rudy turned to look at Jackie. “Then what should we do next? Even if the beast can wait outside like a hunter, it still needs food. It can’t possibly stay outside the whole time…”

Jackie knew what Rudy wanted to say and merely nodded with a smile. “It won’t stay outside the whole time, but even if it goes hunting, it won’t take that long. Most importantly, we don’t know when it’ll leave and when it’ll return”

“It’ll probably keep track of our every move whenever it’s back. As long as we leave the vessel, it’ll come right at us, vengeful as it had always been.”

Rudy was mortified to hear this, so much so that he even stopped breathing.

Grayson was green on the face as well as he then stared at the white-robed man, regretting saving the man.

After frowning in thought for a long time, Grayson hesitantly spoke, “If we throw him out right now, would the wolf continue attacking us?”

Jackie frowned as he pursed his lips helplessly. He truly did underestimate both Rudy and Grayson.

After Grayson said that, Rudy nodded in deep agreement. It seemed like the two of them shared the same brain cell of wanting to throw out the man to the wolf.

Jackie let out a snort as he sternly spoke, “We can’t do that. The whole reason we saved him was so he could be our guide. Furthermore, we don’t understand how the one-eyed wolf would think.”

“If we threw that guy out, we don’t know if it’ll let us go. Keep those thoughts to yourselves. Let’s not do anything rash when we don’t know the situation.”

Grayson pursed his lips as he looked aside.

“Don’t act like you’re so noble. Think about what kind of situation we’re in. We shouldn’t be talking about honor or integrity; surviving is the most important. If it weren’t for this burden, we wouldn’t be in so much trouble.”

Rudy nodded at that, but he did not say anything. Jackie could not be bothered to

fight over this decision. He furrowed his eyebrows and started to think about what they were going to do next.

Since the person was heavily injured, there was no true energy flowing within him. Jackie could not tell what realm that person was in, but to be beaten up so badly by a spring solidifying realm creature meant he was weaker than the wolf

Nonetheless, this man was much stronger than Rudy and Grayson.

These two, on the other hand, would not even last had they been the ones to face off against the wolf.

This white-robed man was a complete enigma at the moment, so Jackie could not put his hopes on that person.

Even if he woke up, the injuries meant that he would probably need a long time to recuperate.

The most important thing for that moment was to improve his own skills.

Thinking about the power that spring solidifying realm beast was exuding, Jackie could not help but feel excited. He might not be a match for the one-eyed wolf at that moment, but he might be able to battle it if he made a breakthrough.


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