No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2481

The wolf rammed right into the vessel, causing the men in the vessel to jolt. Thankfully, the vessel’s door closed right in the nick of time, saving them from their doom.

Rudy was so terror-stricken that he was speechless, petrified as merely stood still. Grayson, on the other hand, did not feel any better, clutching his chest as his heart pounded against his ribcage. If his heart had raced any faster, it might have jumped out of his throat.

Jackie took a deep breath.

He was the calmest among the three of them, but what had happened still shook him. They were mere breaths away from disaster, after all.

Jackie was quite confident in his own skills, but even he was not sure if he would be able to escape a spring solidifying realm beast.

“That was horrendous! That was way too close. If we continue on like this, I’d probably die of a heart attack if I’m not swallowed by a beast!” bleated Rudy as he collapsed on the floor.

Grayson took a deep breath to calm himself down. “That was an actual mature frost wolf…and that didn’t look like any ordinary frost wolf either!

“It’s already at the peak of the early stage of the spring solidifying realm. It’s only a sliver away from the middle stage!”

Rudy patted his chest. “Thankfully, we were right on time. We had the vessel to shield us, or we’d be dead by now.”

Right after Rudy’s remark, however, a bang was heard from outside the vessel, causing it to violently shake.

They did not need to look outside to know that the one-eyed frost wolf was throwing itself against the vessel so ruthlessly. What followed was a few more bangs, and the trio had no time to put themselves at complete ease before they were thrown into panic once more.

Rudy’s eyes were wide as he suddenly stood from the floor. He turned to look at Jackie. “What do we do? What should we do next? That thing will rip us apart if it destroys this vessel and gets to us!”

Grayson shuddered. “I now regret saving this guy! If it weren’t for him, the one-eyed wolf wouldn’t be ramming against the vessel right now so derangedly!

“This wolf is no fool. The fact that it’s so angry definitely means that this guy angered it. Now it hates us, too!”

Grayson glared viciously at the white-robed man, who was still unconscious. If the man woke up, Grayson would surely give him an earful.

Jackie frowned as he coldly looked at Grayson. “I’ve made my assessment outside. This vessel is well-made, and as long as the wolf doesn’t attack it for days on end, it should be able to hold on for now.”

The other two pursed their lips at the same time when they heard that, not saying anything, but the assault against the vessel did not relent.

Each time the one-eyed wolf struck, it would cause the people inside to shake as well. It was hard to even stand properly.

Their moods were erratic, much like how the vessel trembled against the wolf’s might. Rudy and Grayson’s faces were dark the whole time.

After attacking for an entire hour, however, the one-eyed wolf suddenly stopped.

The few of them in the ship let out sighs of relief. Rudy looked up at the door. “Do you think the wolf left?”

Jackie shook his head before sitting on the floor. “It might be my first time seeing a one-eyed wolf, but a wolf is still a wolf. They’re one of the best hunters in the wild.

“For it to attack the vessel for a whole hour, it’s obvious how much it hates that man. Since that’s the case, it won’t leave easily. Even though he can’t see into the vessel, I’m very sure it’s quietly waiting for us outside.”

With those words, Grayson and Rudy started to get anxious again.


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