No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2480

Jackie’s lips twitched as he looked at Grayson helplessly.

He had just praised Grayson for being somewhat smart when Grayson decided to show his stupidity again.

“Do you think there would be any enemies. pursuing him deep in a forest like this?” countered Jackie rather impatiently. “Before that, why don’t you look at the wounds on his body? Those aren’t weapon-inflicted. They must be wounds from the claws and teeth of beasts.”

Grayson was taken aback by Jackie’s words.

He immediately turned to look at the white-robed man’s wounds. Sure enough, the man’s wounds did look like they had been caused by the teeth of a beast.

Before Grayson could contest the idea, Jackie added, “This man must’ve been chased by beasts. Normally, it’s best to mind our own business, but this situation is different. The Fact that he’s in here should mean that he knows how to get out. Don’t we need a guide right now?”

Jackie’s words had hit them right where they needed to, reminding them of their situation. After all, how were they supposed to get out before they knew where they were?

Even though the man in front of them had fainted, he might know a way out since he managed to get in. With that in mind, Grayson did not hesitate to rush over immediately with Rudy close behind.

The two of them hurriedly picked the man up. Just as Rudy’s feet had just stepped into the spirit vessel, a roar was heard behind them.

Jackie shifted his gaze instantly and spotted a massive wolf the size of two humans. Its whole body radiated a chilling frost, and it was running right at them ruthlessly. He could also spot bloodstains on the wolf’s mouth, and bits of cloth were stuck in its claws as well. It was obvious at a glance that they were from that white robed man.

Sure enough, that unlucky man had encountered that hungry wolf, which caused him to be in his state. The evil wolf had an uncannily sharp sight. As it rushed over, it could already spot Rudy and Grayson carrying the man into the spirit vessel

The hungry wolf, suddenly angered, looked up to the skies and let out a long howl, and Rudy turned to look back at it. That one glance caused Rudy to almost kneel on the floor in fear.

“A one-eyed frost wolf! It’s a mature one eyed frost wolf!”

Jackie inhaled sharply at this; it was just as he had thought. The fur they had encountered before this belonged to the very wolf right ahead of them!

This wolf had already matured, and a matured one-eyed frost wolf was already at the spring-solidifying realm. It was a being that could kill Rudy with one swipe of its claw!

Still seething with rage, the one-eyed frost wolf suddenly sprinted toward them, its pace quickening in the process. Its speed doubled, not planning on giving them a chance to escape.’

It wanted to kill them all.

“We’re done for! It’s coming right for us!” Grayson let out a hopeless cry.

Jackie frowned.

He reached his hand out and pulled Rudy inside. He took out a spirit crystal from Mustard Seed as he placed it on the array next to the door as fast as possible.

The array activated immediately, and the door started to close. The hungry wolf’s eyes suddenly widened when it saw the door was closingThe wolf seemed to possess a degree of intelligence, knowing that killing them would be much harder with the door shut.

The one-eyed wolf started to increase its speed again. Jackie even started to feel that. fatal murderous enveloping him.

The wolf opened its bloody jaws and lunged straight at them!

Rudy and Grayson gaped at the wolf that was only meters away from the vessel with wide eyes. Their breaths stopped as they froze on the spot, so petrified that they could not even tremble.

With a bang, the one-eyed wolf slammed against the closed door.


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